Very Late St. Paddy’s Day Post!!

I have been a bad blogger this week. This is only my 2nd post all week and that was not my plan at the beginning of the week, but LIFE gets in the way and pretty soon it is the end of the week. I wanted to share with all of you our St. Patrick’s Day festivities. Don’t get too excited it isn’t what you think, we didn’t go out bar hopping or anything like that. It is actually the exact opposite, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

We started on Friday, March 15th with a St. Patrick’s Day potluck with a mom’s workout group that I have been a apart of for a little over a year.  After stuffing our faces with lots of yummy food, Z found a plastic spoon and used it to dig up dirt.

He is a deep thinker, even at a young age.

He is a deep thinker, even at a young age.

I wish I could say that is chocolate on his face.

I wish I could say that is chocolate on his face.

It wasn’t until Friday that I decided I wanted to make something for St. Paddy’s Day and since I had only 2 days til then I  couldn’t make the corned beef from scratch. I was mad at myself because I always like to try to made things homemade if I can. I found a St. Paddy’s Day menu through a blog that I already follow The Paleo Mama on FB and decided to try out a couple of the recipes on there.  I made the reuben style cabbage rolls and the Shamrock Shake.

To make the cabbage rolls it was very simple to make and only needed a handful of ingredients. I already had most of the ingredients so, it ended up being a very economical meal.



The ingredients for the thousand island dressing


Ingredients for the cabbage rolls

The final product, hot out of the oven: 012

I know they don’t look very appetizing, but trust me they tasted really good. I ended up just buying the corned beef at the store and same with the sauerkraut. One of these days I would like to make homemade sauerkraut, but today is not that day.

The other recipe I used off of the Paleo Mama blog is the shamrock shake. It turned out ok, it was no ice cream shake you get from McDonalds, but I’m sure it was way more healthier.

Ingredients for the shamrock shake

Ingredients for the shamrock shake

final product

final product

Z enjoyed the shake way more than my husband and I did. I know it looksz and shamrock shake 2 like Z is drunk but, I promise we didn’t spike his shake with a lil whiskey. He got sleepy from eating his cabbage rolls. Overall, I think St. Paddy’s Day was a success!






This is completely off topic but, today was a big day for me. I bought my 018very FIRST Crock Pot!!! I know what you are thinking, how in the world have you survived this long in life and not owned a Crock Pot? I get that alot, everytime I tell someone that I don’t own and have never owned a Crock Pot (or slow cooker). I knew what they looked like, I have seem them, I think I have even been in the same house where one was being used, but never have I owned one myself. I am very excited to try it out this coming week. Of course, I will let you all know what my first meal is that I make using my Crock Pot.


Happy slow cooking everyone!!


Am I the only one that has never owned a Crock Pot (or slow cooker)?

What did you make for St. Paddy’s Day?


NOTE:  the recipes that I used can be found on the links that I provided in the above post. (click on the highlighted words)


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5 Responses to Very Late St. Paddy’s Day Post!!

  1. loloslunch says:

    That shake is gone! Looks like Z did love it! Don’t worry, we are planning an even later St. Patty’s Day post, and we didn’t even start from scratch!

  2. Marlene says:

    It all looked good. Did Mikeenjoy it? He’s the picky one!

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