Top 5 Friday: Favorite Toys for Toddlers(Z’s Favs)

Yeahhh! It is Friday I have been looking forward to this day all week! Oh wait, I am a stay at home mom, it being Friday means nothing to me anymore.

This will be the first post in the Top 5 Friday series.

Top 5 (favorite) toys for toddlers (Z):

  1. plastic eggs (this is only in the top 5 because it is that time of year)
  2. cardboard box (any size/shape)
  3. wooden spoon (kitchen)
  4. Tupperware
  5. mini mesh strainer or any other kitchen item

Since my husband and I are first time parents we were buying our son every kind of toy/gadget that was on the market. We thought we had to buy him the latest and greatest toys to entertain him, but we were wrong. Z has a whole living room full of toys, yet he would rather go into the kitchen cabinets and find a strainer or Tupperware and carry that around with him.

Z making a Tupperware tower

Z making a Tupperware tower

We had a cardboard box (Costco box, those are the best) in the living room and as soon as Z saw it he knew he wanted to go explore it. The box kept him occupied for a good 20 minutes and in my book that is wonderful. IMG_0583

Dexter wanted to get in on the fun!

Dexter wanted to get in on the fun!


013 (2)

When I see Z playing in the box that reminds me of some great childhood memories I have with my brother and I. When we were young, there was one time when my parents had bought some type of appliance and of course it came in a huge cardboard box, so my brother and I took it to the backyard and literally played with it for hours. In my parent’s backyard there was a very, very small hill (you couldn’t even call it a hill, maybe more like a very small slope) and we would take turns pushing each other down the hill until the box fall apart. That box falling apart didn’t stop us, we then would pull each other around the yard on the now flattened cardboard box.

There was one year where my brother and I both got our own skateboards. Instead of actually using it for what their intended purpose was, we decided to place a beach chair (the ones that sit very low to the ground) on top of the skateboard and would then take turns pushing each other down the driveway (our driveway was kind of steep). The goal was to see if we could make the sharp turn and see how far we could get down the sidewalk.  I wish I had video of those great memories.

This morning we had an Easter Egg Hunt and potluck with the mom’s workout group I am apart of. The weather was beautiful for an Easter egg hunt.  Z has just learned to walk, in the last couple of weeks so, he only walked to 1 or 2 eggs before he found one that made noise. He was happy with an egg in each hand.



Sorry there was a lot of Z overload today. Next post I will have some food pics 🙂

P.S. —-   Z is an official walker, just took him 15 months!!!


Are there certain things/food/etc. that bring back childhood memories?

Do you have any special Easter plans for this weekend?





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7 Responses to Top 5 Friday: Favorite Toys for Toddlers(Z’s Favs)

  1. Kimberly Morganstern says:

    Love it!

  2. It sounds like you had as much fun with your brother as I did; and doing similar things!

    My boys are both home for the Easter weekend, so that’s special in itself. 🙂

  3. loloslunch says:

    Boxes were my favorite too, or so I’m told.

  4. Marlene says:

    For Zachery’s age. boxes are his favorite things. Just wait. Everything that comes on T.V. he will want. Give him a year or two!

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