My mission today was to color hard-boiled eggs for Easter tomorrow. I decided earlier in the week that I was going to use natural dyes instead of buying the Paas brand dyes. I found many recipes on Pinterest, but decided to try it out on my own with a trial and error approach. In the beginning of the egg dyeing Eggstravaganza I picked only 4 different dyes: red beets(red/pink), carrots(yellow/orange), spinach(green), and coffee/tea (tan).ingrediantsdye
I was soon realizing some of the dyes were not coming out to the colors I had hoped they would. The water in the saucepan with the carrots was not any color and same with the spinach; I boiled them to death, I thought so anyways. By the end of the afternoon, I had added blueberries and chili powder. The colors that turned out the best were the blueberries, red beets and black tea.


red beets on top
blueberries on the bottom this was after a good 30 mins in the dye liquid

I did break down the cost of using my own natural dyes compared to store-bought.

  • red beets: $0.99 /lb – 1.16lbs = $1.15 ; I used only half of the beets = $0.55~
  • carrots: $0.99/lb – 1lb= $0.99 ;  used about 3 large (.25/lb)= $0.25
  • spinach: $2.99/5 ozs;  used 2 ozs (2 cups packed) = $1.30 ~
  • black tea: had in pantry = $0
  • frozen blueberries: had in freezer = $0
  • chili powder: had in pantry = $0
  • large eggs : $0.49 dozen

Total cost: $2.59 !!

The total cost might be cheaper if not equivalent to the store-bought dyes. I was very happy how little all the ingredients cost me and knowing the dyes are all natural rather than the store-bought ones that have artificial coloring and who knows what else.

I do have to tell you how I got a dozen eggs for only $0.49.  Target was running a special price on their large eggs for only $0.99 and I happened to have a coupon for $1 off when you buy 2. They were practically giving them away for free!!

Here is my recipe that I used for dyeing the eggs:

  • 1 dozen large eggs (hard-boiled)

Place each of the following ingredients in 2 cups of water in separate saucepans. So, ideally you would have 6 separate saucepans, if you are lucky enough to have that many.

  • 1 cup fresh/frozen blueberries (blue/purple)
  • 1 Tbl chili powder (orange color)
  • 2 ozs (2 cups packed) baby spinach (green)
  • 3 large carrots (peeled and chopped) (yellow)
  • 4 black tea bags (tan)
  • 7 ozs red beets (peeled and chopped) (pink/red)


  1. Place each of the ingredients in their own saucepan with the water and boil for 25+ minutes.
  2. strain the ingredients through a fine mesh strainer; either keep the strained ingredients for later use or discard.naturaleggdye
  3. pour liquid in a coffee mug add 1-2 tsp white distilled vinegar and stir.
  4. cool liquid to room temperature
  5. gently drop hard-boiled eggs in each mug
  6. keep eggs in liquid until desired color is achieved.





3 + hours later here is what my finished eggs look like!!

eastereggslavenderplant eastereggs2


I will have to work on better coloring for next year.


Happy Easter everyone!

Better  go to bed, Easter Bunny is coming! 🙂


Have you tried the natural dye route for your easter eggs this year?

Do you have any family traditions on Easter?



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5 Responses to Eggstravaganza!!!

  1. loloslunch says:

    Very cool experiment, thanks for sharing. We will have to try this next year when Lolo might care 🙂

  2. My first thought was, “You found eggs for 49 cents per dozen!” Great find at Target! I’ve never tried dying them without the store bought dyes. Yours look great!

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