Top 5 Friday: Favorite things about Colorado

I have felt so disconnected from the blogging world since I have been out-of-town for most of the week. This weekend I am going to spend catching up on all my blogs I follow. I did still have access to the internet, but I was visiting family and wanted to spend as much time with them as I could. That didn’t stop me from taking pictures for my blog though. We just got back yesterday from visiting family in Colorado. There were many things I loved about my visit to Colorado and so I decided to make it part of my “Top 5 Friday series”.

  1. Seeing my brother and sister-in-law
  2. The Cupboard (Fort Collins)
  3. Wild Boar Cafe (Fort Collins)
  4. Estes Park
  5. Rocky Mountains (National Park)

The last time my Brother saw his nephew, Z was only 4 weeks old.  My brother and sister in law have pretty much a zoo in their house; they have 3 dogs, 1 cat and several different snakes. I didn’t go in their snake room so I can’t tell you for sure how many they have. I remember growing up my brother always having some kind of snake or lizard in his room and me always having nightmares that they were attacking me in my sleep. I am still a little tramatized by that.  Z loved their dogs they had; he enjoyed chasing them around the house.


On our last day in Colorado we went to Fort Collins to do some window shopping. There was this kitchen appliance store called The Cupboard. I could have been in that place for days, literally. If you are a foodie or love cooking or just love breathing, you will love this store. The place has everything from mini cookie cutters to cookbooks and more. I could have spend lots of money at that store.


After window shopping we headed to Wild Boar Cafe for lunch. This little cafe was at one point a house then was converted into a cafe.


You walked in the back door of this house and weaved through the halls to get to the front to order your food. It felt like you were walking into someone’s house, very laid back, quiet (the place was quiet until Z came in) and unique. They had a great selection of espresso drinks, salads, sandwiches and other lunch items. I, of course, ordered a coffee drink along with my lunch; it had been almost 2 hours since I last had coffee so I needed to refuel. I do have to show you a picture of "The Bucket" size mugthe coffee drink my Brother ordered; this coffee mug was huge, the name of the size mug he ordered was called “the bucket”.

“The Bucket” size mug





I ordered their turkey club with a spring side salad with lime cilantro vinegratte and my large Iced Latte. The whole lunch was delicious and very filling.

Iced Latte from Wild Boar Cafe Fort Collins, CO

Iced Latte from Wild Boar Cafe Fort Collins, CO

My lunch at Wild Boar Cafe

My lunch at Wild Boar Cafe








The first day we went to Estes Park, which is in the Rocky Mountains. The town was a small quiet town that consisted of mostly all local businesses; I did see one Starbucks but, that was it.

streets of Estes Park

streets of Estes Park

creek that runs along the town

creek that runs along the town

It was nice to see a town thriving on local business and to see the local business thriving because of the locals. After brunch we finished walking around town and of course stopped at their local coffee shop, Kind Coffee, to keep our caffeine intake up.









After walking around Estes Park we decided to drive through the Rocky Mountain National Parks. The weather was perfect that day to go siteseeing. Driving through the national park made me think that I don’t take advantage enough of the mountains that I live by. I live by several different mountains/national parks and have only gone maybe only once.

Rocky Mountains


Rocky Mountains












It was very refreshing to know that there are still cities/towns out there that thrive on local businesses and have a slow paced feel to the cities. We are so used to being on the go and never just slowing down to enjoy our own surroundings and to realize what is actually around you. I am going to try to start slowing down as much as I can since I do have a very active walking toddler on my hands these days.

side note: Since the town we were staying at was about 5,200 feet in elevation I wanted to find out if I could run in that elevation. I only ran 1 mile at 10:22 and felt pretty good considering the high altitude. Where I live is only about 1,400 so it was a considerable difference. I also did run the mile while pushing Z in the jogging stroller, so I should get extra brownie points for that, right?

Another side note: Sunday starts Day 1 of my 21-day sugar detox. As I mentioned in a prior post I will be making daily posts regarding my experiences/mood and meals I ate that day. By the end of the 21 days you will either me tired of reading my posts or you will grow to love my posts; hopefully it is the latter.

Depending on how much time I have today I will post my grocery list/meal planning for the coming week.

Have you gone on any vacations lately or plan to in the near future? If so, where to?

Are there any  good local businesses that you go to on a regular basis?



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4 Responses to Top 5 Friday: Favorite things about Colorado

  1. Welcome back! I’m looking forward to following you on your 21-day sugar detox. I’m very interested in seeing your meal plans when you post them.

  2. Kimberly Morganstern says:

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful vacation experience!

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