Day 1 Level 3: 21-Day Sugar Detox

Well, I am happy to say that I have made it through day 1 of my detox. I also did something I had never done before and that is break down a whole chicken. If you know023 me that is a big deal because I don’t do well with that kinda stuff.  I did have to take a couple breaks during the whole process, I was starting to feel a little light-headed, but I eventually finished! Ewww….


I decided to go all the way and follow the level 3 in the detox program. I was pretty much following it anyways except for the sweets.  Level 3 is a very strict Paleo lifestyle (grain-free/gluten-free/dairy-free/legume-free/sugar-free). There was only a couple of times today that I had a craving for something sweet or was starting to feel hungry. To curb my sweet tooth this afternoon I made some coffee with my homemade paleo/21 DSD friendly coffee creamer. To curb my hunger I had a couple teaspoons of sunflower seeds and about 6 tea-infused gelatin snacks(will post recipe at a later date). 026


The following lists everything I ate and any physical activity I did today:

Pre-workout snack: 1/3 cup roasted beets/sweet potatoes (cubed) & avg. 2 cups coffee w/creamer010

Ran 6 miles at 10:17 ; 1:01:44 on the local trail that is by my house


Breakfast (post workout): 2 egg omelet w/ 1/2 cup baby spinach sautéed in bacon fat; 2 slices bacon; 1/2 cup coffee w/ creamer; 3 capsules fermented cod liver oil ( will have a separate post on this)012


Lunch: chicken power salad / 2 oz passionberry bliss Kumbocha016


afternoon snack: 2 cups coffee w/ 4 Tbl paleo creamer; 6 gelatin snacks; 1 Tbl sunflower seeds026


Dinner: slow cooker roast chicken (3 ozs) w/ gravy ; 1/2 cup green beans sautéed in garlic and coconut oil028


After dinner: 1 medium green apple ; 1 TBL almond butter035


Bedtime snack: bedtime tea (8 ozs)037


Onto Day 2…oh boy this will be a long 21 days. I didn’t realize until today how bad my sweet tooth is. That afternoon treat that I had been having recently was having more of an effect on me today than I thought it would. Until tomorrow….

Is there a certain food item that you have a certain time every day that you can’t go without?


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5 Responses to Day 1 Level 3: 21-Day Sugar Detox

  1. Hopefully your sweet tooth cravings will go away in a few days once you’ve started getting that sugar detoxed out of your system. I admire you for doing this, not so sure I could!

  2. oh my gosh so glad you said that about the chicken! i eat meat, but well I don’t like thinking of it as an animal. so I had rotisserie chicken today and it was hard for me to eat, so weird! way to go on the detox day 1

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