Day 6: 21DSD Major Fail!

Day 6. Well, I thought yesterday was bad in regards to food, today was even worse. I woke up feeling worse than yesterday which was a little discouraging. The good news was I had no headache when I woke up. I still thought it was just allergies that was giving me problems but, by the afternoon it was starting to feel more like a head cold. Of course, the day I really was banking on Z taking a nice 3 hour nap, he didn’t. In Z’s defense, he did get 3 shots at his dr’s appointment this morning. He was a trooper though, 10 seconds after the nurse gave him all his shots, he was back flirting with the nurse and all the ladies in the office. Since Z was such a good boy, I decided to take him to Juice It Up!. He loves his smoothies. zdrinkingasmoothie


Since I wasn’t feeling that hot today, I didn’t feel like eating that much and so I broke some of the rules of the detox.

Food/exercise for today:

Pre-breakfast: 2  cups coffee w/ paleo creamer001


Breakfast: 2 eggs w/ 1/2 cup baby spinach sauteed in bacon fat; 1/2 cup roasted veggies002


Midmorning snack: Strawberry Wave smoothie from Juice It Up! ( I didn’t drink all of it, Z had some too)


Lunch: 1 hard-boiled egg; 1 medium green apple w/ 1 TBL raw almond butter; peppermint tea w/honey/ginger and lemon003

Afternoon Snack: Iced coffee w/ light half and half

Dinner: Cheerios w/ whole milk (too many bowls to admit to :/)

Bedtime: peppermint tea w/honey and lemon


Since Z wasn’t taking a nap like usual I decided to take a drive and in hopes he would fall asleep in the car. We drove up to this place called Etiwanda Reserve, I had always seen the signs for it around our area but, never knew what it was exactly. It is actually a hiking trail that backs up to the bottom of the mountain. The trail is 3.22 miles and an elevation gain of about 600 feet (from what I remember). The view would have been really pretty if it weren’t for the thin layer of smog. etiwandareserve


I am praying tomorrow I feel better so I can continue this detox. The last couple days has been a little discouraging but, I am not going to let a few slip ups detour me from finishing what I started.

Early to bed for me!

Do you have any natural remedies that you use for the common cold, that work?

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4 Responses to Day 6: 21DSD Major Fail!

  1. Marlene says:

    Sorry, no natural remedies that I know of. Continue the detox. If you do, that means there is hope for all the chocolate lovers in the world!

  2. Even with what you consider a major fail, you are still doing tons better than most people! Keep up the good work!

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