Day 12: 21DSD: Over half way

Day 12. Today I am officially half way done with this detox! I know I haven’t followed the detox exactly but, you have to make modifications that will suit your lifestyle. Every body is different, have different needs. If I felt like I needed to have some toast, to get through my cold I had, then I was going to have it.

Within the detox, there are 3 different levels and they even provide different options for modifications. Surprisingly, I am considered an “athlete” under the 21DSD program, who knew! With having an “athlete” status I was able to add starchy carbohydrate veggies (eg.-sweet potatoes/butternut squash/parsnips/any other root veggies) to my daily food consumption. Before my long runs I have a 1/2 cup of my roasted (root) veggie mix and that seems to have really helped in my running performances lately.  Speaking of running, I was suppose to go for a 5 mile run this morning but, that didn’t happen. I slept in until 5:50 am and at that point was too late to go for a run. I wasn’t regretting it later on in the day because I knew my body was just telling me I needed that extra sleep. During this detox I have learned to really listen to my body and know what my limits are.

Food/exercise for today:

Pre-breakfast: coffee w/ paleo creamer


Breakfast: (leftover) cabbage/beef kielbasa/ 1 hard-boiled egg/more coffee 🙂002


1 hour pilates (I really needed this today)

Midmorning: Iced Latte

Lunch: toast w/honey and cinnamon/ 1 hard-boiled egg/6 ozs kombucha (strawberry) 003


Afternoon: coffee w/paleo creamer/ raisins & sunflower seeds

Dinner: (leftover) chicken/veggie stir-fry; homemade applesauce004


Bedtime: bedtime tea; ate the rest of the applesauce (will definitely be making more for next week!)


Did you go for a run today? No.
How many months/years have you been running for?  Since 2005/06. Started running in races in 2008.


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