Pin-it Party!!

Yay!! Who doesn’t love a party?! This post is for Lindsay’s Pin-it Party. Go to her blog, The Lean Green Bean, to find out all the details on how to participate in this event on Pinterest.

Here are my 5 previous posts and a summary of each:


“Before the sun comes up”

Before the Sun comes up”- Waking up to go on a run and my current running playlist.





blueberries 18 oz $8~raspberries 12 oz $6.49

Fallen off the wagon and a Costco trip– I was struggling with my paleo lifestyle and needed a reset for my system, decided to try the 21-day sugar detox. Also, the post included paleo-approved items that you can find at Costco.


Eggstravaganza!!!”- Easter weekend and was experimenting with natural egg coloring.




"The Bucket" size mug

Top 5 Friday: Favorite things about Colorado”- Had just gotten back from a trip to Colorado and wanted to include it in my Top 5 Friday series that I just recently started. Visited the Rocky Mountains, went to Estes Park, had lunch at Wild Boar Cafe and much more.


Top 5 Friday: Reasons why I love running and why you should  too”- After the Boston Marathon bombings, it got me thinking as to why I run and why I actually love it.

Are you on Pinterest?

If so, what currently are you obsessed with pinning?

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5 Responses to Pin-it Party!!

  1. Laura @ Mommy Run Fast says:

    Just pinned your eggs… I love this idea! It’s fun finding new great blogs, too. 🙂

  2. HaHa! I just pinned a bunch of funny things from Hey Runner Girl! I’ll check out Lindsay’s blog. Thanks!

  3. wantneko04 says:

    Ooooh, that latte is pretty! I love it when they make art in the foam. 😀

  4. Those egg ideas are really cool! I’ll remember them for 2014 Easter 🙂

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