OC weekend and half-marathon recap!

This past weekend was very busy, it started with Z getting his 2nd haircut ever on friday and it ended with an Iced (2 pump) caramel latte from Peet’s Coffee & Tea. Oh, and somewhere in between I ran my 6th and fastest half marathon. My goal was under 2:10, but I really didn’t think I was going to beat it. I have never been a fast runner and still am not, but during my training for this race my speeds have increased along with my endurance, so I really thought I had a chance to at least beat my PR at 2:15. Enough of race talk, will get back to that in a bit, now on to more important things food and beach trip.


Iced Almond Joy Latte


Z giving someone the evil eye while drinking his strawberry & banana smoothie.

Saturday morning Z and I walked down the street to this little drive-thru coffee shop, reminded me of the  coffee shop that I used to work at years ago, and we got some drinks for us. I even bought Z his own smoothie, which I should have known better that he wouldn’t drink all of it and so I pretty much wasted $4.50.  Z was more interested in watching the cars go by on Newport Blvd. He loves smiling and waving at everybody.

Saturday for lunch we drove around trying to figure out where we were going to eat and found Boudin SF at the South Coast Plaza.boudinsign I have heard of the famous sourdough bread up in San Francisco, but didn’t know they had other locations ( I don’t get out much, sorry). I was that customer with a picky order (cobb salad, no bleu cheese, no ranch dressing, substitute balsamic vinaigrette and on the side).cobb salad boudin  I was trying really hard to stay on eating Paleo during the weekend. I did the best I could with the chooses I had. I am definitely worn out on salads for a while.

After lunch we were heading down to the beach, so Z could get a little beach time in. We were almost to the beach and Z fall asleep, he wore himself out from all the people watching we did earlier.zfallasleeponwaytobeach Before the day ended we did make it to the beach, but were only there for 5 -10 minutes, it was too windy.zplayinginthesand

Always the night before a half I am always questioning why am I even doing this. I have to wake up early, stand in a corral for 30 minutes in the cold waiting to run 13.1 miles on public streets and the worst part is I pay someone so I could do all this. The point that everything becomes clear, is the second I cross the start line. There are so many emotions that run through my head during the race. At the beginning I feel pride, confident and strong. Middle of the race I start feeling a little defeated, but then remember that I did give birth to my son, I have had to endure much worse than running this race. This race is only a little over 2 hours of my whole day. My active labor was 3 hours long, with absolutely no pain medications and the most extreme and intense pain that I have ever had to endure in my whole life and never thought that kind of pain was possible, but I did survive. Sorry, for any non-moms reading this, don’t mean to scare you. When my son was born I forgot about everything that I had just endured. I knew I could get through this race and I knew I had the endurance to race through any doubts or weakness I was feeling.

Here is a quick overview of my 13.1 miles (as much as I can recall):


pre-race food







Race gear laid out the night before

Race gear laid out the night before








Waiting in my corral at 6 am!


Mile 4: consumed 1 GU gel (strawberry)- started feeling a little fatigued.

Mile 7-8: there was a gradual incline for about a mile and half way through I was feeling it.

Mile 9: consumed 1 GU gel and 5 mins later had another Clif shot gel that the volunteers were handing out. I can tell I was losing steam pretty quick.

Mile 8-10: took almost 2 miles to recover from that mile 7-8.  I think I was just not expecting it, so it through me off a little.

Mile 10.5: another small incline- I started feeling a rug-burn like feeling on my underarm and was surprised because I had run in the top I was wearing before, so it wasn’t the first time wearing it.

Mile 11-13: started picking up the pace, I knew I was about 20 minutes away from the finish. I kept telling myself, ” its only 20 minutes, that’s it! “

Shy of mile 13: started sprinting, which was a mistake because I should have waited until I had .1 to go and then have really put on the gas.


Z and I

Here are my splits, if any one else enjoys stats as much as I do:

  1.  9:23
  2. 9:19
  3. 9:33
  4. 9:38
  5. 9:26
  6. 9:49
  7. 9:51
  8. 10:10
  9. 10:04
  10. 10:21
  11. 10:03
  12. 9:39
  13. 9:37

.1 8:16

Total miles 13.26.  Total time 2:09:06    9:44 min/mil   avg HR:163 bpm    Max HR: 182 bpm

I don’t know why all the half marathons I have run in my Garmin has always registered 13.26. If anyone knows the reasons why, I would love to know the answer.

I am happy with my time, but if I would have known I was that shy of being under 2:09 I would have sped up more towards the end. I am still glad that I beat my PR by over 5 minutes. I still haven’t made a decision if I will train for a Full marathon in the Fall or just do the half. It wasn’t looking too appealing when at about mile 12 the marathoners were splitting off and I thought, “How could I go for 14.2 more miles?”. It is something I really have to think about and how bad I want it.

iced2pumpcaramel lattewayhome

Iced (2 pump) Caramel Latte

I couldn’t leave without going to Peet’s again before we left. Here is my post-race treat before we hit to road to drive back home.

Have you run a marathon(s)? How did you know you were ready?

Are you currently training for a half or full?

Did you do anything fun over the weekend?

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19 Responses to OC weekend and half-marathon recap!

  1. Kimberly says:

    I’m so happy for you! 6 1/2 marathons and you’re still considering more, you’re one brave soul! More importantly you love a challenge! The feeling of achievement after a run, the RUSH! Hopefully, you can help me train for my 1st 1/2 marathon!

  2. megbek says:

    CONGRATULATIONS on your PR for your half marathon! Those are GREAT splits (especially the last two miles) and it sounds like you did amazing!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy you’ve accomplished your goal – 5 minutes chopped off is A LOT! I remember running my first half and watching the marathoners split off and thinking “Hahaha! See you fools later!!” Um, but, then I signed up for a full and had no regrets doing that. So, definitely think about it – the fact that I can say I’ve run a marathon (slow as it was!!) is a wonderful feeling that will never go away! It’s a bucket list item for me, not something I plan on doing all the time. Half marathons are my favorite. Congrats again on your new PR, that’s soooo darn wonderful! What a great way to start your week!!

  3. olivetorun says:

    All certified courses are mapped out to the CLOSEST cutting distance. Meaning- if there are corners they always measure it based on the quickest cut point (so think when you’re coming around a corner- you may not be RIGHT on the corner because other runners are around you)…often times we run our own versions of the course so if you were running that race and got that distance someone else if they took different placements on the course could have had 13.28 or 13.48.

  4. Congrats on your PR!!! I’m so happy for you. 🙂 I loved reading your recap and seeing your pictures. Did your husband run, too?

    I ran several marathons and an ultra before I ran a half. I don’t think halves were as popular back then… Anyway, I just decided that I wanted to run a marathon since I’d always loved running and ran regularly for fitness. Also, a good friend had run a few marathons and he inspired me! I’m currently training for the Virginia Wine Country Half-Marathon. It’s a beautiful course!

    • Thank you! My hubby didn’t run, he stayed on the sidelines with Z. yeah… I feel like I would regret not doing the full in October if I were to just run the half. I bet that would be a beautiful course, in wine country! Good luck in your training!

  5. Congratulations on the PR! That’s awesome, and definitely makes waking up early and standing in the cold more than worth it!
    Lol- the labour part was a little scary to read! But, I can imagine it makes you much more tolerable to pain!
    I’m training for an ironman at the end of June, and then another at the end of August. We’ll see how it all goes!

  6. Eating Paleo out is definitely difficult. I tend to order a lot of burgers or sandwiches and request no bun. They usually don’t have an issue giving me some extra veggies instead.

    Congats on your race 🙂

  7. Samantha C. says:

    At least you know if you do train for a full in the fall I’ll be right here will you!!

  8. Congratulations on your PR! So exciting!

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