Mother’s Day post & Sunday Food Prep 5/12-5/17/13

I did some of my food prep for the week on Saturday because I refuse to do any cooking and/or cleaning today. I have been a mother for 17 months now and I couldn’t love it more. I have always respected my mom and looked up to her for everything and still do, but I never realized how hard it was to be a mom until I became one myself. Being a mother is the most challenging and stressful job in the world, but at the same time it is the most rewarding and wonderful job in the world.  The kind of love you have for your child is an unconditional love that you feel the second they enter this wonderful world.


My Mother’s Day started in the best way, a nice easy 6 mile run on the trail with one viewonmyrunof my running buddies. I came home from the run and my hubby and Z each had a present for me, the perfect combo: a coffee mug w/ pictures of Z and I and another pair of compression socks!mother'sdaypresent I must be a runner if I get excited about getting compression socks for a gift.

Hubby and Z then went to Panera to get my favorite breakfast sandwich, jalapeno cheese bagel sandwich (w/ sausage, egg and cheese), and then my favorite coffee drink from Coffee Bean, Iced Caramel Latte.sandwich and coffee So far it has been a great Mother’s Day!

Onto what everyone has been waiting for all weekend, my food prep for the week!! Yay! I know you can’t wait.

Grocery list for the week (of course, my list doesn’t include all the items I have purchased, just my food items that I will be consuming over the course of the coming week):

  • Sweetened banana chips- Sprouts  (snacks)
  • Seedless raisins – Sprouts (snacks)
  • Chobani yogurts – Sprouts (anytime)
  • GTS Kombucha (guava)- Sprouts (lunch)
  • Oven roasted turkey deli slices– Sprouts (lunch)
  • Coconut H20 – Sprouts (smoothies/post-run) (they are on sale for 99 cents at Sprouts !!)
  • Black olives – Sprouts & Costco (lunch/snacks)
  • Baby carrots- (Sprouts) (snack/lunch)
  • Broccoli – Sprouts (all meals)
  • Organic Lacinato Kale– Sprouts (snack)
  • Red beets- Sprouts (all meals)
  • Granny smith apples- Costco (all meals)
  • Avocados- Costco (all meals)
  • Plus all veggies I received in my produce box from Thursday—->>>Farm Fresh To You post

Food prepped:

  • Boiled eggs (any meals for extra protein)foodprep
  • Steam broccoli (any meals)
  • Kombucha fruit snacks (snacks)
  • Half roasted/half grilled sweet potatoes/golden beets/fennel (any meals/pre-run)
  • Half roasted/half grilled red beets (any meals/pre-run)
  • Kale chips —still need to do tomorrow
  • Grill chicken–still need to do tomorrow
  • Grilled zucchini–still need to do tomorrow —->>>recipe here
  • Roasted bell peppers–still need to do tomorrow—>>>recipe here

Dinners planned:

  • Grilled chicken (need to find a good recipe)
  • hamburgers (sans bun)
  • Need to come up w/ a couple more recipes for the rest of the week….

Lunches planned:

  • Chicken sausage w/ olives, broccoli, HB egg
  • Turkey roll-ups (spinach, carrots, avocado, yellow mustard)

Breakfast planned:

  • sweet potato/ sausage hash w/ fried egg
  • scrambled eggs & broccoli
  • leftover sausage and sauerkraut

Snack ideas:

  • Kombucha fruit snacks —->>>recipe herefruit gelatin


    These are from the $1 bin at Target. I think they are so cute!

  • Kale chips—->>>will post a recipe for these this week!
  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • Trial mix-moderate amount-trying to cut back on these.



As you can tell on my food prep list I didn’t complete everything I wanted to yesterday because I was having some technical difficulties with our oven, it started smoking while the veggies were in there. I had put the red beets (whole) wrapped up in foil to roast in the oven, but I guess the oil had leaked through and was dripping on the oven floor which was causing it to smoke. We had to change plans and finish all the veggies on the grill. grilledveggiesThankfully, my Mom was just telling me about how she cooks her beets on the grill and they have turned out great. So, I didn’t panic too much and wrapped up all the veggies and continued cooking them on the grill and they actually turned out better than in the oven. Thanks Mom!! I think I found a new way to roast my veggies and extremely easy clean-up! Since, the whole oven smoke fiasco the oven was out of commission the rest of the night and I will have to finish prepping the rest of the food tomorrow.


Surprisingly, the missing piece is not from me.

Opps…I almost forgot to share with you my purchase I made yesterday at Costco. It is so hard to not walk by the bakery section there because it makes it that much harder to walk away empty-handed. This time I didn’t walk away empty-handed and decided to treat myself to a pre-Mother’s Day treat! Yummy!  Don’t worry I didn’t eat them all at once. I was good and came home froze over half of them so I wouldn’t be tempted to eat them all.



Stay tuned… an exciting annoucement coming to a post near you!!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Mother’s Day and if you aren’t one then hope you have a wonderful Sunday!!!


Doing anything special today?

Did you go for a run already? How many miles?

What was the best present you have ever received from someone (any occasion)?

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8 Responses to Mother’s Day post & Sunday Food Prep 5/12-5/17/13

  1. I’m so glad you are having a nice Mother’s Day! I hope the rest of your day is fabulous! I’m having a great day, too! My husband and sons went on a run with me this morning! It was great!

    Wow, you are so good at meal planning, and shopping. That Costco treat looks amazing! I may have to look for it when I go there next time!

  2. wantneko04 says:

    Happy Mother’s Day! (I don’t know how you could possibly run in this heat, but all the power to you!) 😀

  3. megbek says:

    Your food prep always reminds me of some of the things I’m doing too! I love that prepping non traditional foods for the week ahead of time makes life so much easier… What is this Kombucha stuff? Super excited about your veggie + grill combo. I shall be trying it out ASAP as I keep hearing about the improved flavors of foods cooked on the grill in all these blogs. 🙂 Costco is the devil! I never escape without one sinful item, either! 🙂 Happy Mother’s Day to you, sounds like it was a great one!!

    • Thank you! Kombucha is a fermenated tea drink, it is considered a probiotic (heals your digestive system), many different types of vitamins/minerals. If you google it , you should find more detailed info on the benefits of Kombucha.

  4. Love this blog. I am SO going out with that grocery list this weekend! I have two little ones, Daylin and Ryan and I think they’d love those snacks!

    From one runner to another, I wanted to share with you my Kickstarter campaign! I hope you enjoy the video. It’s been a labor of love for me for years. If so compelled, we’d more than appreciate you sharing the link with friends. We only have 27 days!

    Thanks again and I’m bookmarking the blog. It’s great!

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