Friday’s Favorite Five: Running Gear plus a woman with a plan!

I have decided to change my “Top Five Friday” series to “Friday’s Favorite Five”. I don’t know if that sounds better or I just made it sound more weird?! I have been blogging for about 2 1/2 months now and need to start making my posts more consistent because it seems these days I am all over the place. I know you don’t keep track of how many posts I do a week or the topics or maybe you do.  I know I had started the Top Five Friday series a couple of months ago, but have only done 3 posts on that series. I would like to be more organized moving forward. I’m going to start planning my posts a little more in advance then just the day of and will provide several different topics each week.

My plan for my blog going forward (but of course things come up and I may not be able to follow these guidelines every week):

  • Sundays: Food prep for the week ahead plus any recipes that I tried that day.
  • Every other Thursday: Farm Fresh to You box content along w/ nutritional info, recipes, ways to use the produce and pictures.
  • Fridays: Friday’s Favorite Five– My favorite five of a certain subject
  • Saturdays: Recap of the week– Recap of my training runs for my Marathon, new recipes, anything exciting that happened with Z, along with anything else that I would like to share with you all.

This is just an outline of what an ideal week would be like on my blog. I am going to try to be more organized.

Enough with my ramblings, on to my title of my post today: Favorite Five Running Gear (I lied, it is actually 6)

1.)  Garmin Forerunner 405cx w/ Heart Rate Monitor


Price:  $450 (retail) (keep in mind this was almost 4 yrs ago)

Features:  real-time avg HR, avg pace, elevation gain, calories burned

 Pros: comes with a USB drive that allows your watch to automatically sync your run stats onto your computer

Cons: the only negative is when it rains or gets wet the watch starts flipping out and will sometimes shut off during mid-run

Solution to the con: In the past I have used a Ziploc baggies to cover it and wearing a long sleeve to shield the watch works too.

Ownership: December 2009


2.) CEP Compression socks

compression socks

Price:$60 each (retail)

Features: Improves blood circulation, reduces injury, increases performance (go to this site for all the benefits of these socks—>>>CEP Compression

Pros: very comfortable and see above link —^^^

Con: It is a workout to just get them on

Solution to the con: tough it out!

Ownership: Blue/April 2013, pink/May 2013 (Mother’s Day)

3.)  Nathan Handheld water bottle


Price: $25 (retail)

Features: Handheld, attached to the bottle is a small compartment to store some gels, chapstick, keys and maybe even a phone (depends on the model)

Pros: very easy to hold while running

Cons: if you don’t like to carry anything in your hands than this wouldn’t be for you.

Solution to con: buy a hydration belt

Ownership: April 2013

4.)  iPod Shuffle (don’t know what edition)


Price:$50 (retail)

Features: very small mp3 player, has volume and playlist select on headphones cable.

Pros:  can clip to your shirt and not have to worry about it falling off, easy to switch songs or adjust volume while running (no need to stop to fiddle w/ it)

Cons: if you want a screen to visually see the playlists and/or songs then this isn’t the one for you

Solution  to con: buy an iPod Nano

Ownership: 2011?? (can’t remember exactly)

5.)  SpiBelt (aka mini fannie-pac for runners)


Price: $20 (retail)

Features: has a small compartment that can hold your phone, keys, gels, money/credit cards, ID

Pros: it is very lightweight you forget that you even have it on, all your most important items securely wrapped around you

Cons: It isn’t a huge compartment

Solution to the con: Buy an actual fannie-pac!

Ownership: Beginning of 2010

I know this is the Favorite Five series, but I can’t leave out my running shoes, the backbone behind this whole operation!

Bonus #6.)  Asics Gel Kayano-19


Price:$150 (retail)

Features:  read here—>>>Asics website

Pros: very lightweight, comfortable, love the colors

Cons: NONE!

Ownership: March 2013

These are the 6 items that I wear on all my long runs (anything 6 miles or more) and can’t leave home without them!

Happy running everyone!!

I want to leave you all with this, this is so true:

How are you counting your miles this weekend? Who's racing and where?!! Don't forget to tag us in your race photos #womenraces #racebling

To my readers: Are there certain topics/subjects you would like to see more or less of? Any questions you have about any of my previous posts?

Anyone running any races this weekend?

What day of the week do you do your long run?

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5 Responses to Friday’s Favorite Five: Running Gear plus a woman with a plan!

  1. Kimberly says:

    This is so helpful! Thank you for the tips!

  2. debrunsfit says:

    That’s a great list of favorites! I almost always do my long run on Saturdays, but will be doing it tomorrow since I was out of town today.

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