Memorial Day and Sunday Food Prep week of May 26-31

Happy Memorial Day everyone! Thank you to all the past, present and future men and women serving in the United States Military. We appreciate your dedication and sacrifice you have made for Our Country. One day is certainly not enough to celebrate all you have done for us! bth_HappyMemorialDay3_zps263afb1c



In honor of Memorial Day, we celebrated the only way we know how, to go for a run. My hubby, Z and I met up with a local running store’s (Fleet Feet Rancho Cucamonga) running group they were hosting for this Memorial Day.  The run was an informal run, any distance, pace, etc. We just did 4 miles since I had just ran 9 miles yesterday, I wanted to take it easy. The temperature was perfect for a morning run. Afterwards we met back at the store and of course I couldn’t leave without making a purchase. It is way too dangerous to leave me in a running store. I was in need of energy gels/chews and I knew they had a great selection. energygelschews

After the run, we made our way over to a nearby park that we have never taken Z to and he loved it. zatthepark


I know I know, it isn’t Sunday. It is Monday already, but I did most of my food prep on Sunday, if that counts.

Grocery list (of course, does not include non food items and items for Z and hubby only):

  • Banana chips (Sprouts) (snack)
  • Thompson seedless raisins (Sprouts) (snack)
  • Chobani greek yogurt (Sprouts and Target) (snack/lunch)
  • Extra large eggs (Sprouts and Target) (any meals)
  • GTS Kombucha (Sprouts)
  • Applegate farms organic turkey slices (Sprouts) (lunch)
  • Fennel seeds (Sprouts)
  • Organic canned tomatoes (Sprouts)
  • Organic oregano (Sprouts)
  • Crushed tomatoes (Sprouts)
  • Bacon (reduced sodium) (Sprouts)
  • Boneless chuck roast (Sprouts)
  • Applegate farms chicken hot dogs (Sprouts)
  • Chicken sausage (Sprouts)
  • baby carrots (Sprouts)
  • Broccoli crowns (Sprouts)
  • Butternut squash (Sprouts)
  • Cucumbers (Sprouts)
  • Organic parsnips (Sprouts)
  • Spaghetti squash (Sprouts)
  • Sweet potatoes (Sprouts)
  • Yellow bananas (Sprouts)
  • Yellow onions (Sprouts)
  • Starbucks Espresso whole beans (Target)
  • Half and half (Target)
  • Raw honey (Sprouts)
  • Oregon Chai tea (Sprouts)
  • Organic golden beets (Sprouts)

Farm Fresh To You Veggie Box content:veggiebox

  • 3 Hass Avocados
  • 4 Green Bell Peppers
  • 3 Artichokes
  • 3 lbs Zucchini (summer squash)
  • 1 Leek
  • 2 bunches of carrots
  • 1 bunch red leaf lettuce

Food Prep:

  • Hard-boiled eggs (snack/lunch/extra protein)
  • Roast carrots (peel and chop into “fry-like” shape and coat in olive oil, dash of cuminfoodprep and cinnamon and bake at 400 for 25 minutes (or until fork tender/desired doneness))
  • Roast bell peppers (Nom Nom Paleo)—>>>check out recipe here Roasted Bell Peppers with balsamic vinegar and olive oil
  • Roast beets (marinated beets) (Nom Nom Paleo)—>>>>recipe here marinated beets ( I used golden beets instead of the red ones, I didn’t feel like dealing with the red ones (too messy))
  • Bake sweet potatoes (Wrap whole potatoes in foil at 400 for about an hour or until soft when lightly squeezed)
  • Shred and cook sweet potato hash (Nom Nom Paleo)—I haven’t gotten to this yet 😦 
  • Chop raw carrots (lunch)
  • Peel and chop butternut squash into thin disks (Butternut squash lasagna)cucumbersalad
  • Make cucumber salad (Well Fed) –took this salad over to my parents. Very easy and quick to make.



Breakfast ideas:

  • Hash with fried egg (Nom Nom Paleo)
  • omelet with roasted peppers and onion (my own)

Lunch ideas:

  • turkey roll-ups (my own)
  • chicken salad (spinach/red leaf lettuce, hb egg, bacon, chicken, olives, avocado, olive oil/lemon dressing)
  • chicken hot dogs

Dinner ideas:

I promise I will post the recipe for the butternut squash lasagna this week.

What did you do today to celebrate Memorial Day?

Any runs or any other fun activities?

What is your favorite “cook-out” (BBQ) food?

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5 Responses to Memorial Day and Sunday Food Prep week of May 26-31

  1. Haha. I could relate when you said it’s dangerous when you’re at the running store. I feel the same way. I never leave empty handed. 🙂 I’d always, always always get something. 🙂

  2. PopularPaleo says:

    Thanks for the ping back! You are gonna LOVE that Italian Beef recipe! And I’m looking forward to that butternut squash lasagne 🙂

  3. I’m obsessed with roasted carrots! They are SO good. I haven’t tried cumin/cinnamon carrots yet, but will soon! I did rosemary the last time I cooked mine. What are you training for?

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