Week 3 marathon training and week in review!

Here we are already the end of week 3 of my training and it could be going better, could be going worse. The beginning of the week seemed very promising, considering I can back to back days totaling 13 miles, but unfortunately that was all the running I did this week. I was supposed to do a 5 miler on Thursday, then it was pushed to Friday and here we are on Saturday and no run. My issue isn’t the actual run, it is getting up at 5am. Hoping next week I get some will power to get up early. I did get some good cross-training in this week.

Here is my running/XT for the week:

Sunday, May 26, 2013: 9 mile run (1:27:37  +  9:44 min/mil   +   154 bpm)

Monday, May 27: 4 mile run (38:00:81  +   9:30 min/mil  +   153 bpm)

Tuesday, May 28: XT (1 hr)

Wednesday, May 29:  XT ( 1 hour stroller barre)

Thursday, May 30: XT (1hr)

Friday, May 31: XT (1 hr)

Saturday, June 1: REST

Even though my mileage was good in the beginning of the week, my food could have been better. As I mentioned in my previous post, I do not follow Paleo 100%, but when I do eat non-paleo foods I almost immediately start feeling some “allergic reactions” within 30 minutes. Some people think I just don’t like straying  from my “diet”, but it is more because I don’t want to have itchy arms or my throat feeling funny (which makes me start coughing) or feeling really bloated. I do try to stay Paleo as much as I can because I do feel the best while I am following a strict Paleo lifestyle.

Here are my non-Paleo foods I ate this week:

Iced caramel Latte  +  blueberry muffin


Lucilles’ pulled pork sliders  +   cornbread  +  biscuits w/ apple butter ( I could eat this butter by the shot glass)


Ghirardelli Sea Salt Escape chocolate squares (they were on clearance, how could I say no!)


Monster cookies (Sprouts’ bakery)


Food Finds:

New (to me) Chobani Flavors

key limeyogurt

Key lime yogurt w/ white chocolate chips and crumbled graham crackers


Peach yogurt w/ dark chocolate chips and pistachios

Chobani Champions (for Z)


Core Power (recovery drink)


**Core Power used to be called Honey Milk and haven’t tried them since they switched names, will be interesting to see if their recipes changed too. They offer variety of flavors: vanilla, chocolate (and light), Honey, Strawberry/Banana (and light)

Light versions have 20g of protein and under 200 calories

Regular ones have 26 g of protein and average about 250 calories

This week ended with my hubby running a local half marathon this morning, which meant we all had to wake up early. Luckily, the race was literally right down the street from us, so it was only a 5 minute drive to the start to drop him off.

Race recap:


It was a beautiful day!

It was a beautiful day!

Point-to-point course

all runners had to be bused (about a 20 minute ride up to the top) to the start line

First 6 miles steady downhill with last 7.1 miles is a gradual downhill

no walkers are allowed on course + must run the entire race (don’t know how strictly it is enforced though)

Z was watching for Daddy to come by!

Z was watching for Daddy to come by!


Official time: 1:38:26  (pace 7:31 min/mil)


New Challenge for the month:

30-Day Yoga Challenge


How to join:

Go to DoYouYoga.com sign up to receive daily emails for the next 30 days. Each email will contain 1 yoga class that you can take at a time that’s convenient for you and at your own pace.

Z also had a very busy week! He was pumpin’ iron, gardening and playing in the water.

zliftingweights zplayinginthewater zgardening

Is there a local race in your city that you run every year?

What is your favorite type of cross-training?

If you are a morning runner, what gets you out of bed when it is still dark out?

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4 Responses to Week 3 marathon training and week in review!

  1. megbek says:

    Glad you’re enjoying your training and that it’s not the worst or the best for you right now. Morning runs are so tough to get up for! I feel your pain on that one, for sure! But you’re right, it has to happen with the heat that is approaching/already here! Yummy to your food for the week. Z is absolutely adorable in those pictures!!

  2. Good luck with the rest of your training, and thanks for all the Chobani love!

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