WIAW # 3 Road Trip Eats: To Sacramento and Back!


Did you miss me?

I know it has been almost a week since my last post. We have been be-bobbin’ up and down the state the last few days. We drove up to Sacramento, CA to visit some relatives. Z had a blast being around so many people and I know they all enjoyed seeing him. It was definitely nice getting away and seeing family, but it was also nice getting home and back to our normal routine. No road trip would be complete IMG_3524without some snacking along the way. I did bring some of my own snacks with us, but those didn’t last too long. Once I tasted my first pastry of the trip there was no turning back. I had fallen off the wagon and was getting run over by it. By the end of the trip, I had way too many non-paleo foods that made me feel miserable.
Since, this post is a WIAW one I will share with you all my road trip eats I consumed throughout the trip. I know I am not following with the theme of Jenn’s Peas and Crayon’s WIAW for the month of June, which is sensible snacking, but I had to share with you all the yummy goodies I ate over the weekend!  Just to warn you, there are a lot of pastry and iced latte pictures, be prepared!  Please, don’t judge I was on “vacation”!



My 1st Iced Latte of the trip! Isn’t it beautiful?



1. pumpkin muffin (La Bou Bakery & Café Sacramento, ca)  2. Apple turnover  +  Iced Chai Tea Latte (Caffe Latte- Sacramento, CA)  3. Turkey sandwich + Iced white mocha (La Bou Bakery & Café)



1. FroYo (local shop in Sacramento) (This is why I don’t take pics of my froyo because I put so many toppings on that you can’t see the froyo, but I promise it is there (somewhere))  2. Double chocolate pastry (Japanese Bakery Sacramento, CA)


Monday breakfast: Anderson’s Pea Soup

1.  breakfast croissant w/ hash browns  2. cheese Danish



1. Venti Iced Quad Latte w/ 1 pump white chocolate 2. Chipotle Chicken salad  3. Z’s kids meal (1 chicken taco + rice + cheese + lettuce + lil bag of chips)  4. Venti Iced Quad Latte w/ 1 pump white chocolate

Needless to say, after this last weekend I am definitely back on the Paleo wagon full-time. No more of the candies, cookies, chocolates, etc. I am even going to cut my Starbucks/Coffee Bean intake to only once a week.

Is there a place you always have to go to when you are in a certain city? Anderson’s Pea Soup Restaurant in Santa Nella, CA and the Japanese Bakery in Sacramento, CA

What did you eat today?

Upcoming posts:  Marathon Training + Week in Review and Sunday Food Prep

***Disclaimer**** The items reflected on this post are not the only things I ate on this trip. I ate more than just iced lattes and pastries 🙂

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6 Responses to WIAW # 3 Road Trip Eats: To Sacramento and Back!

  1. Your Sundays eats are yummy! I love to overload my froyo with toppings! YUM!

  2. I’d love to visit Sacremento one day! Oh- road trip eats are the best and the worst!
    Your pastries look divine!!
    In Jasper- we have to visit the Bear’s Paw Bakery every single time. I love all their food, but their cinnamon buns are something extra special! I try to only treat myself to them once in a while!

  3. megbek says:

    Omgoodness what a delicious week of meals and treats! That’s what vacations are for, after all! Pop chips are the BEST too, I recently discovered them and I am addicted. Full time addict. Any flavor, I’ll take em! Yay for hopping back on the Paleo band wagon. I know that after I spend a vacation full of treats, I’m really excited to get back in the routine and swing of healthy eating! 🙂 Welcome back, and yes, you were missed! I kept checking thinking I was missing your weekly food prep… 🙂

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