WIAW #4 Snacks that fuel my day!

Wednesday again!! You know what that means? What I ate Wednesdays!! Unlike last Wednesday when I showed you my smorgasbord of treats I had eaten during our road trip, today is all about snacks that help me fuel my runs, workouts and gets me through to my next meal. These are some of the  snacks I have consumed since last Wednesday, all in one post. You’re welcome!

I can’t forget to mention Jenn over at Peas and Crayons. She is the mastermind behind this whole WIAW series. Go over to her blog to find more bloggers and what they have munched on lately.

afternoon: iced coffee + black olives + hard-boiled egg


afternoon: fresh strawberries


afternoon: homemade applesauceIMG_3617

 Fuel for my 12 mile(turned out to be a 13.1 mile)  run: coffee w/ half & half + roasted yams  + hard-boiled egg


 Post-interval training workout and pre-swim lessons for Z: CorePower (chocolate)


Don’t worry I have consumed more coffee than what I have listed above. My coffee intake hasn’t decreased, but my sweet intake has which, is something I am constantly battling. The 21 day sugar detox did dramatically help with my major sweet tooth.  I still get a little craving in the afternoon, but it is much more manageable now.

What snacks do you eat to fuel your workouts and/or in between meals?

Have you ever tried CorePower?

They have many flavors: Chocolate (light), strawberry/banana (light), honey, vanilla (light). The light versions have 20g protein and the regular ones have 26g protein.

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5 Responses to WIAW #4 Snacks that fuel my day!

  1. megbek says:

    I am still loving the olives + egg combo! I have been on a hard boiled egg kick lately and I think they make the perfect snack and salad topper. Yummy – homemade apple sauce. I may tell my roomie/co blogger to make me a batch of that (she does the cooking for us, I fail terribly). Yay for your 13.1 miles, that’s amazing!!! Ah, I can’t wait til I’m saying that again!!! To fuel my workouts, I drink a ton of water during the day and lots of healthy, protein filled foods (cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, salads with all the right toppings). Seems to be doing me well lately! Have a great day!

  2. Your post just made me hungry for a snack. My new favorite snack between meals is a cut up banana with peanut butter sandwiched between and then frozen. It helps curb my sweet tooth! I need to try to make some homemade applesauce. It looks yummy!

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