Impromptu half marathon + Week 6 Training + randomness

I am going to make this post short and sweet since I have to wake up at 4 in the morning tomorrow! YIKES!

I had a great long run last Sunday. I was scheduled to run 12 miles, but ended up running a half marathon distance. Can you still call it a half marathon even though you didn’t run it in an official race? I would think so.  Since the beginning of the run I was having issues with the Garmin. I was planning to do an out and back run and must have run a little longer than the 6 miles out, so by the time I was running back 6 miles I soon realized that I was only going to be less than 1 mile from running 13.1.  Being a runner I couldn’t just leave my run that close to completing 13.1. It was also a big run for me because it was by far my longest training run and so that makes it the first time running 13.1 miles on the trail by myself.

Week 6 Marathon Training:

Sunday, June 16:   13.1 miles (2:08.53  /   9:50 min/mil) (don’t know my HR, had to use my hubby’s Garmin, mine was having issues–also the calories burned are not correct on the picture below—those calories are based on my hubby’s stats—usually mine are around 1000-1,100 calories for 13.1 miles )halfmarathoninformal

Monday, June 17:  1 hour interval training +  30 minutes of Z’s swim lesson (trust me my legs and arms get a good workout)

Tuesday, June 18:  1 hour interval training +  30 minutes Z’s swim lesson  +  2 mile run (17:47.44  /  8:53 mil  /  155 bpm)

Wednesday, June 19:  1 hour interval training  +  30 minute Z’s swim lesson

Thursday, June 20:  1 hour interval training  + 30 minutes Z’s swim lesson  + 4 mile run (38:25.17  /   9:36 mil  /   152 bpm)

Friday, June 21: 1 hour interval training  + 30 minutes Z’s swim lesson

Saturday, June 22: REST


Here is some randomness for your Saturday night!

Made this frittata on Thursday. Threw all the leftovers that were in the fridge into this frittata. Frittatas are great ways to use up your leftover meats/veggies/herbs/etc.



Had my weekly FroYo yesterday after dinner! Yummy!



Stocked up on some gels and chews. Trying out some new flavors!



Z had some fun in the sun this afternoon, since he decided he didn’t want to take a nap today :/funinthesun



Off to bed early tonight to get up early to run at least a 10 or 12 or 14 miler in the morning!!


Goodnight! Sweet Dreams!

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3 Responses to Impromptu half marathon + Week 6 Training + randomness

  1. Awesome on the impromptu half-marathon! Wow, Z is going to be an amazing swimmer with lessons every day!

  2. megbek says:

    AMAZING half marathon, and impromptu style at that?!??! Incredible! Even if it isn’t an official half, it’s still awesome and still a half! 🙂 Woo! Great pace, too!! Love fritatas, couldn’t agree more about the combo of veggies and eggs! Of course, loving the fro yo. Good job this weekend! WOO!!

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