Sunday Food Prep: Week of July 7-12 + New Recipe + Cleveland Lockup

Hello Everyone! I am officially back in sunny Southern California after being in Cleveland, OH for a week. It is always nice to get away and visit with family, but it is also nice to come back home and into a normal routine. We had a great visit with my hubby’s family. Z was able to spend time playing with some of his cousins. I was able to drink my weight in Caribou Coffee. All was good!

I was planning to have this post up yesterday, but life got in the way. Z decided he wanted my hubby and I to hold him for 2 hours while he slept yesterday afternoon, so that put a hold on all my food prep for the week.  I think Z was still jet lagged from the day before because yesterday was a rough day for him. I am happy to report today he is back to his regular schedule 🙂  My hubby and I also didn’t get to watch the first episode of the final season of Dexter either 😦 Now we are 2 episodes behind. I am kind of glad it is the last season of Dexter, I don’t think my heart can handle another one. The rule in our house is, no Dexter after dark. When I watch Dexter right before I go to bed, I can’t sleep because I am up thinking about what just happened in the episode and analyzing everything.

Enough with all my chit-chat.

Here is my food prep I was able to do yesterday evening and my grocery shopping.

Grocery list (as always, this doesn’t contain everything I purchased, just food items):

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Costco)
  • Bananas (Costco)
  • Black Olives- Lindsay brand (Costco)PicMonkey Collagecostcotripfinalproduct#1
  • Plums (Costco)
  • Extra Large Eggs (Costco)
  • Blackberries (Costco)
  • Fresh wild pacific rockfish (Costco)
  • Broccoli (Costco)
  • Boneless skinless chicken breasts (Costco)
  • Kombucha (Sprouts)
  • Apple Cider Vinegar (Sprouts)
  • Raw honey (Sprouts)
  • Pork sausage (Sprouts)
  • bacon (Sprouts)
  • baby carrots (Sprouts)
  • Strawberries (Sprouts)
  • Lemons (Sprouts)
  • basil (Sprouts)
  • celery (Sprouts)
  • Italian parsley (Sprouts)
  • cucumbers (Sprouts)
  • Organic golden beets (Sprouts)
  • red onions (Sprouts)
  • thyme (Sprouts)
  • spring mix salad (Sprouts)
  • sweet potatoes (Sprouts)
  • yellow onions (Sprouts)

Food prepped:

PicMonkey Collagefoodprep



  • homemade mayo (creamy lemon tarragon chicken salad) (see fig. 2 below for picture)
  • rinsed black olives (snack/lunch/healthy fat)
  • hard boiled eggs (snack/protein)
  • broccoli w/ bacon (side dish) (recipe to follow)
  • poached chicken for my chicken salad and assembled salad (see fig. 1 below for picture of finished product)
  • paleo creamer (coffee)


PicMonkey Collagechxsaladfinalproduct




I have to give complete credit to my sister-in-law, Julie, for coming up with the broccoli and bacon dish. On our last night in Cleveland, they had us over for dinner and she made this side dish along with a Paleo chicken strip recipe. Both dishes were very good. The whole meal was Paleo except for the pretzel rolls, but the rolls were really good so it was worth it.




  • broccoli florets (or chopped broccoli crowns)
  • bacon (chopped -raw)
  • Italian seasoning
  • Garlic Salt


  1. Fry the chopped bacon first in a skillet or sauté pan until slightly cooked
  2. Add broccoli (I added a little water after a few minutes, after the bacon grease is soaked up into the broccoli –YUM!)
  3. Stir occasionally
  4. Cover pan and steam until broccoli is cooked through
  5. Add Italian seasoning and garlic salt to taste
  6. Give everything a good toss
  7. Enjoy!

***Side note: I don’t know exactly if she cooked the bacon first or all together. So, I just used my best judgment. I don’t think it would matter either way.  There are no quantities for the ingredients listed because it is all based on your own taste preference.


Meal Ideas for the week:


  • sausage patties (haven’t made them yet-will share recipe when I decide what I’m going to put in them)
  • scrambled eggs w/ beets/sweet potatoes/broccoli


Lunch: creamy lemon tarragon chicken salad (will provide recipe later this week)



I have quite a few posts planned for this week:

  • Week 8 marathon training + a deer almost ran me over, I am not made for the wild!
  • WIAW : Cleveland Edition #2 (& final edition) + one of the eats involves Kit-Kats, M & M’s and chocolate cake (major sugar overload)
  • Whole 30 Intro: what are the differences between Whole30 and Paleo? How I am doing so far? Find out what my one exception is.
  • New Recipe: Creamy lemon tarragon chicken salad – A must try!


Today, I officially started the Whole30 program. Whole30 is very similar to Paleo with a few restrictions. I am excited to see what this will bring me.



Anyone familiar with the show Lockup? Well, this season they have been in Cleveland. While in Cleveland, we decided to drive around downtown and do a little sight-seeing (by car). My hubby and his eagle-eye recognized the building from just seeing it on TV.  Naturally, I had him drive around the block so I could get a picture of the building (for my blog).  His eagle-eye was pretty impressive because there were no signs or anything on the outside of the building to indicate what the building is for.





This is totally off topic, but I guess what has been anyways….

This is blog related. For any bloggers out there reading this or computer savvy people.  I am running out of bandwidth space on my blog and it is limiting me on what I can put on my page. My question is at what point should I make the switch over to a self-hosted blog?

How was everyone’s 4th of July?

What has been happening with you lately? Anything exciting? I feel so out of the blogging world loop

Has anyone ever cooked with Rockfish? I bought it at Costco today, but now don’t know what to do with it.


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4 Responses to Sunday Food Prep: Week of July 7-12 + New Recipe + Cleveland Lockup

  1. Welcome home! I agree… as much as I like visiting family, it’s always so nice to get back home and back into my routine. Z looks so much more grown up in that picture!

  2. Z is so sweet! It must be nice to be home; I bet travelling with a child is no easy task!
    When we used to watch 24 before bed I couldn’t sleep either! My mind was racing about what would happen next!

  3. MegBek says:

    Yay for being back home! Traveling always throws off my diet and everything else so I am sure it’s nice to be back!
    OMG I am the same as you in regards to Dexter, except my rule is nothing scary at all after dark. Scary includes things like Dexter, Law and Order or anything that’s just remotely un-fun. I’m a pansy, I’m aware. 🙂
    I love Caribou! I have one really close to me but I never end up going. Their holiday coffee flavors are amazing (white chocolate pumpkin FTW!!).
    YAY for the Whole 30! GOOD LUCK!!!

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