Whole30 Eats: Days 7-13

I am gracing you with my presence for the second straight day! Your welcome 🙂 I decided to do a separate post for my foods I ate the last week. I know I get a little winded sometimes with my posts. Sorry about that…..It is better that I talk your ear off than my hubby’s. This blog has actually been a blessing in disguise, at least in my hubby’s eyes (I’m guessing?!). I get to talk to you about what has been happening in my life in regards to my running, food, etc. which, means my hubby doesn’t have to pretend to listen to most of my ramblings (love you hubby!), some of the time.



If you follow me on Instagram, then many of these pictures will look familiar 🙂

Days 7-13 food eats for the week

PicMonkey Collagefoodeats

1. Tuna Salad (homemade mayo/red onion/parsley)  on a bed of mixed greens+ black olives

2.  2 scrambled eggs + roasted golden beets

3. red seedless grapes (Farm Fresh to You box)

4. deviled eggs (homemade mayo/yellow mustard)

5.  1/2 baked sweet potato w/grassfed butter + red cherries + deviled eggs + black olives

6. “Farm Fresh To You” Salad (red leaf lettuce/heirloom tomatoes/HB egg/ red bell pepper/ baked chicken/baby carrots) + red seedless grapes

7. Omelet w/ applegate breakfast sausage + steamed broccoli + red cherries

8. Detoxifier juice blend

9. Hamburger (sans the bun) w/ avocado salsa & heirloom tomato + steamed broccoli & roasted sweet potatoes (not shown)

**I am a creature of habit in regards to food. Once I find a few different meals I like, I have no problem eating them, everyday, for several weeks in a row. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

How did I feel? Notice any differences in week 2?

I actually felt better during this past week because for these 7 days the biggest difference were my arms were not itchy AT ALL! I didn’t notice it until the latter part of the week when I realized I hadn’t had to use any of my homemade ice packs to numb the itching. I won’t go into details on my itchy arms because truthfully it isn’t that exciting and don’t want to completely bore you today. Long story, short: have had itchy arms (on and off) for roughly 8 years or so….don’t know exact cause…have gone to a dermatologist for it…no answer…could be my medication I’m on for my seizures (another story, for another day)…the itching comes and goes…only time I have had extended relief (that I can remember) when I started eating paleo back in January and this past week…and that is the story. I told you, not too exciting.

Confession time (couple cheats last week)

  • Large Iced Chai Tea Latte (Starbucks) after my 14 miler, I felt I deserved a little treat!
  • Medium iced coffee w/ easy half and half (Coffee Bean)- so sue me, I had a little diary 🙂
  • Small detoxifier juice blend (Juice It Up!)–family trip to get a little treat. I don’t really believe in the whole juicing craze, but once in a while I figure it can’t hurt.


Have you ever tried juicing?

Do you have a few meals that you can eat everyday, for several weeks at a time? What are they?

This picture makes me so happy!! 🙂 🙂

PicMonkey Collagezsmiles

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3 Responses to Whole30 Eats: Days 7-13

  1. Your arm has been itching for eight years!!! That’s horrible! I get heat-induced hives and when I get really hot on a long run my legs start itching like crazy, but as soon as I get in a cool shower I’m fine. I truly feel for you… 😦

    I still haven’t set up an Instagram account. I’m having enough trouble staying caught up with everything else! 🙂 That picture of Z makes me happy, too!

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