Week 11 Marathon Training (half way through) + Water Tower hike

Hi all! After my long run tomorrow, I will officially be half way done with my marathon training. I know I started earlier than most but, I wanted to give myself as much time to build up a base (this may either help or hurt me in the end, I will have to wait until race day). In the last couple weeks everything has become a lot more real. It is still hard for me to even imagine running 26.2 miles but, after my last long run (last Sunday) it seemed much more feasible than before. On Sunday, I ran my 2nd 14 miler but, the difference between the two was that this time I ran it nonstop. My goal during my training is to see how many miles I can run, without stopping.


I was about 10 seconds a minute slower than the previous 14 miler but, this time I wasn’t going for time, just to be able to run nonstop. I knew if I wanted to make that happen I needed to pace myself more throughout the whole run.

PicMonkey Collage14miler


The only trouble I experienced was at mile 13. At about the same time my Garmin started beeping (the satellites were not affected) and my iPhone (that was in my Armpocket strapped around my upper arm) stopped playing my music. I felt the culprit was too much moisture that was affecting both devices. Luckily, I had less than a mile to go and just toughen it out, without music and hearing a constant beeping the rest of the way.

Immediately after I stopped, my whole back was in pain. It felt like I had just slept on a very hard bed all night because my back was extremely stiff and achy. Thankfully, by the time I got back home the pain had subsided. Maybe I need to do more back stretching/strengthening exercises?


During my 6 miler this week, at the same distance as last week (mile 2.5) my legs felt very weak again but then again by mile 3 I was feeling strong and back to normal.  I have no explanations for this.

Week 11 Training

Sunday, July 21:  14 mile run 2:16.46 (9:46/mil) (156bpm)

Monday, July 22: 1 hour walking/interval training/cardio

Tuesday, July 23:  1 hour stroller Plyometrics ;  3 mile run 26:29.90 (8:49/mil) (151 bpm)

Wednesday, July 24: 1 hour stroller Barre

Thursday, July 25: 1 hour walking/interval training/cardio ; 6.2 mile run 58:44.85 (9:29/mil) (150 bpm)

Friday, July 26: 65 minutes uphill/downhill power walking to the water tower

Saturday, July 27: REST

Water Tower hike

There is a water tower about a mile away from the park that we meet for our mommy-workout group. Since I have been a part of this group I have made the hike up there 3 times and I love it! The path to the water tower starts off with a gradual uphill and soon turns into a steep uphill climb all the while pushing our strollers. The tower is a little over a mile from our starting point but, since it is uphill the whole way it is a killer workout. One of the mama’s was even pushing a double stroller, she was a machine pushing her kiddos up the hill! The trek is worth it when you reach the top and can overlook the city. On a clear day you can see for miles but, unfortunately, on most days there is a layer of smog that blocks the beautiful view. This day was overcast so, we couldn’t see that much but it was a good temperature to workout in.

PicMonkey Collagewatertower

(source-thanx to one of the mamas for sending me the pic of the 3 of us!)

**we are missing our instructor in the picture above, she was the one taking the picture. She kept us movin’ and motivated up the hill!!

Current Obsession: Nuun


I am obsessed with these things. These help me get my water in for the day. They have some delicious flavors!

Z’s training for the week:

PicMonkey Collagezinthepark

He has been practicing his squats after watching me do them every morning.

PicMonkey Collagezbasketball

Practicing his lay ups and jump shots

PicMonkey Collagezandgolf

Practicing his golf swing!

Tomorrow I have an easy 8 miles in the morning. I am really looking forward to a non-double digit run, for a change.

Has anyone else experienced back pain at the end of a long run? Any suggestions or advice?

How many rest days do you plan each week?

For any moms out there, are you part of a mom’s fitness group? If not, what are you waiting for? Joining Fit4mom was one of the best decisions I have made since Z was born!

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4 Responses to Week 11 Marathon Training (half way through) + Water Tower hike

  1. By taking a little longer and adding up your base mileage gradually, you probably really helped keep those nasty little overuse injuries at bay! Sounds like an ideal way to do it to me!

    Did you stop your run abruptly and maybe jammed your back a little when you stopped? I’ve done something similar to that, and then after stretching it out, it was fine.

    I noticed that you said that tomorrow you have “an easy eight miles.” Don’t you love it that you’re at a point where you’re referring to an eight-mile run as no big deal? 🙂

    • yes, I stopped abruptly right when I hit 14 miles. It was a weird feeling, my whole back was completely stiff. Yes, I do love it that 8 miles is no big deal these days. I never thought I would get to this point!

  2. MikeW says:

    Congrats on your full on 14 miler, and I hope your base fills in for you with good ranges of motion, and injury free all throughout.

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