Whole30: Days 14-20 + 1st Whole Foods visit!

As I am writing this, I have 8 days left in my Whole30 challenge. To some of the die-hard Whole30 people I’m sure I should have re-started the Whole30 like 4 times already. I knew going into this that I wasn’t going to be 100% perfect in regards to following the whole30 exactly. Last week I had no yogurt and 2 coffee drinks and that is a big change from my pre-Whole30 ways.


I have gone 2+ weeks with no itchy arms! I am interested to see when this is over and I start incorporating my yogurt and coffee drinks  if the itchiness comes back. I can’t say if I am allergic to dairy or not. Before this whole30 I didn’t really consume a lot of dairy except for my Chobani Flips and my Iced Caramel Lattes on a frequent basis.

Here is what I have been munching on week 2 of my Whole30:

PicMonkey Collagefoodeats

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1.) Plantain Tostadas w/ cilantro-lime chicken (Dinner)

2.) scrambled eggs w/ ranchero sauce (leftover from the tostada recipe) (breakfast)

3.) scrambled eggs w/ marinated beets (breakfast)

4.) Antipasto platter (Well Fed) (lunch)

5.) Pad Thai (Well Fed)

6.) Paleo Chicken Divan (Popular Paleo)

7.) Scrambled eggs + marinated beets + Applegate breakfast sausages (breakfast)

8.) Cuban roll-up (PaleOMG) + raspberries + baked sweet potato + salame + black olives (lunch)

9.) celery w/ sunflower seed butter/raisins + coffee w/ coconut milk (canned) (snack)

**As you can tell I am currently obsessed with eggs and my red marinated beets. I am surprised I haven’t turned into a beet!

Confession Corner

Iced Caramel Macchiato Starbucks

Iced Americano w/ easy half & half

1st time to Whole Foods: Observation Visit!

I know I am late to the party. Yesterday we decided to take a short trip to Pasadena to check out the 2-story Whole Foods grocery store and walk around Old Town Pasadena. I have heard such great things about Whole Foods and always see other bloggers’ pictures of their lunches/dinners that they get from there; always look so delicious. This is the biggest grocery store that I have ever been in and from all the hype that people have given it, did not disappoint. Since this was our first visit we were just there to check the place out, an observation visit. The main reason it was an “observation visit”  because I am still doing the Whole30 and many of the treats I wanted to get are not Whole30-approved. I figure I will go back in a couple of weeks and really go crazy.

Highlights of Whole Foods

  • wide selection of organic produce ( I was in beet heaven)PicMonkey Collagewholefoods
  • huge meat counter with every type of meat and/or cut you can imagine ( I was in heaven)
  • huge bulk section (they even had grind-your-own chocolate/almond butter)
  • Coffee shop on-site
  • separate escalator that brings your shopping cart up to the 2nd floor
  • pizza place on-site
  • tapas bar, Mediterranean bar, olive bar, cold salad bar, hot bar (there was probably more but, that was all I could remember)
  • bulk candy section
  • Asian cuisine store on-site
  • sandwich/Panini shop on-site

The only negative: EXPENSIVE.

I was comparing prices to the Sprouts that I shop at every week and these were almost double the price. I realize the standard of living is higher but, wasn’t expecting such a huge difference in prices. This won’t stop me from visiting every now and then for a little treat. I just couldn’t shop here every week, it would break the bank.

After walking through Whole Foods we made our way down to Old Town Pasadena and walked around a little.

PicMonkey Collagepasadena

I had ordered a few new paleo cookbooks and last week they came in the mail. Be on the look out for some new recipes from these great cookbooks!


I already made a recipe from the PaleOMG book: Yummy!

PicMonkey Collagesageburgersomg

Is there a Whole Foods near you? Do you shop there often? What do you normally get?

Paleo readers: Do you have any of those cookbooks?

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6 Responses to Whole30: Days 14-20 + 1st Whole Foods visit!

  1. MikeW says:

    That is a great list. Whole Foods’ organic emphasis hopefully becomes the norm for all farms and stores. After eating organic, sometimes I can taste the foreign substances put on and into the produce when its not organic.

    I remember old town Pasadena!

    • Yes, hopefully at some point in our lifetime that buying organics would be our only option so, maybe then the prices would be more reasonable. I can too taste a difference in regards to conventional vs. organic produce.

  2. There’s a Whole Foods near where my husband works and he has lunch at their seafood bar a couple of times a week. He talks about it so much, that I met him there once to check it out. To borrow your phrase, it did not disappoint, either! 🙂

  3. MegBek says:

    Those eats look delish and I love that I’m following you on Instagram already! Rebekah, my other blogger, makes a lot of things from her favorite Paleo book and a lot of it is super yummy! It’s tough for me to sample a lot because I don’t eat meat and I don’t like almond butter or almond meal. But, I LOVE sweet potatoes and eggs so whenever that comes around I’m in heaven. AND yes to whole foods! I’m in fact, going there tonight!!!! Can’t wait, it’s my favorite! But yes, the pricing is outrageous and therefore left for occasions when I have a bit extra in my account.

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