Monday Food Prep: Week of July 28-August 3 + Homegrown butternut squash

Yes, I know it is not Monday. I am well aware that it is already Tuesday. I swear pretty soon this food prep day will eventually be on Friday. My intention was for this post to go up yesterday but, my whole30 post got pushed back to yesterday and I didn’t want to bombard you with 2 posts in one day. Truthfully, I didn’t want to double up in one day. Let’s not get crazy now.

Enough of all this post talk because I know you are reading my every word and just so enthralled with what I am saying. *insert sarcasm*

Monday Food Prep (I actually did do the majority of this yesterday)

Grocery list:

  • roasted/unsalted sunflower seeds (Sprouts)
  • banana chips (Sprouts)
  • raisins (Sprouts)
  • Uncured sopressata (salame) (Columbus) (Sprouts)
  • Blueberries (Sprouts)
  • mangos (Ralphs)
  • Celery (Sprouts)
  • fresh tarragon (Sprouts)
  • Organic turkey slices (Applegate) (Sprouts)
  • Thai Kitchen coconut milk (canned) (Sprouts)
  • Kosher dill spears (Sprouts)
  • maple syrup (Sprouts)
  • mild salsa (Sprouts)
  • sunflower seed butter (Sprouts)
  • smoked bacon ends (Sprouts) (it was cheaper per pound to get the ends and for the recipes I needed them for they needed to be diced anyway -win/win!)
  • green chili pork sausage (Sprouts)
  • Bacon (Sprouts)
  • cauliflower (Sprouts)
  • avocado (Sprouts)
  • fresh sage (Sprouts)
  • jalapeno (Sprouts)
  • red bell peppers (Sprouts)
  • red onion (Sprouts)
  • sweet potatoes (Sprouts)
  • yellow onions Sprouts)

Food Prep:

  • fry bacon (fat/protein)PicMonkey Collagemondayfoodprep
  • hard boil eggs (protein)
  • cut up celery (snack)
  • roast sweet potatoes/carrots/rutabaga (side dish/pre-run meal)
  • cut up onions (to add to meals this week)
  • rinse black olives (fat/oil) (snack)
  • cut up butternut squash and make recipe for maple sage roasted butternut squash (side dish)
  • steam broccoli & make Julie’s (SIL) broccoli bacon recipe (side dish) (any meal)


  • eggs + starchy veggies
  • eggs + salame + veggie


  • Cuban turkey roll-ups (PaleOMG) (turkey slices + yellow mustard + dill pickle + bacon)
  • leftover dinner



  • roasted rutabaga
  • roasted sweet potato/carrot mix
  • broccoli w/ bacon
  • maple sage roasted butternut squash (Beyond Bacon) (Paleo Parents)

As you can tell, since getting my new paleo cookbooks I am currently obsessed with trying out all their great recipes. I have actually already made the breakfast meatza (last night) and the sage beef burgers over the weekend. Both turned out really good and they are both from the same author (PaleOMG). Majority of her recipes are on her blog, with some new ones only in her cookbook but, I am old-fashioned I guess, I like an actual hard copy. I enjoy having the physical book that I can look through about a thousand times over. For people who do know me well, know that I love cookbooks. For as long as I can remember I have always enjoyed just reading through cookbooks, as if they are novels, for hours on end.

Cooking show + video cameras!

I have always enjoyed cooking/baking/experimenting. When my brother and I were younger I would have him be the camera guy and record me doing my “cooking show” using our parents’ video camera. That’s right, you heard me: VIDEO CAMERAS! For those of you who were born in the 90’s you may not know what I am talking about and think I am talking gibberish. Just go and “Google it” then we will be on the same page. 🙂

Grandparents’ weekly visit

Every week I go over to my parents’ house for a visit, mainly so they can see Z. On my side of the family, Z is the only grandchild and great-grandchild (on my mom’s side). A couple of weeks ago, my parents gave me one of their butternut squashes that they are growing in their backyard. This last week on our visit, my Dad greeted me with a, “hey I didn’t see you mention my butternut squash on your food prep post for the week!”.  I told him I had already planned my meals before I received their squash and not to worry he will get a mention of his prized butternut squash in this weeks’ post. This is for you Dad!

PicMonkey Collagesageroastedsquash

This recipe makes the squash taste like candy! Maybe I have been Paleo for too long 🙂

He wanted me to make sure I give him credit for the 3 1/2 pound butternut squash that I am using this week. In all honesty, this squash was one of the bigger ones I have cooked with and by far the best quality! Keep them comin’ Dad!

Maybe if my parents still have that video of my cooking show, I may post it. That’s if it’s even possible to convert a video tape to a DVD? I don’t know. Anyone know?

What meals do you have planned for this week?

Are you into cookbooks as much as me? Don’t tell me I’m the only weird one!?

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9 Responses to Monday Food Prep: Week of July 28-August 3 + Homegrown butternut squash

  1. Marlene says:

    I am glad you gave your dad FB time!

  2. I think it’s so cool that your dad reads your blog posts! 🙂

  3. Love reading your posts, really encouraging and nice to see something new to make. Have to say I feel quite special when I see my name mentioned too!!! 🙂

  4. That butternut squash looks amazing! We are starting to get some tomatoes and a couple of eggplants out of our garden. Gotta love garden produce!

    I have way too many cookbooks and I get a lot of my recipes out of them but lately it seems I’ve been getting more recipes from blog posts.

  5. Haha this recipe is awesome and that’s adorable that your dad gave you a butternut squash! I am not a huge fan of that squash, I just can not move past the texture of it (maybe I’m not making it right?) but that dish sounds great! Also, I’m with you on blogging twice a day or more than normal… Just don’t over do it! 🙂 I LOVE LOVE PaleOMG!!!!!!!! Her recipes are amazing. If you eat fish, make her salmon burgers immediately. If you don’t, well, you’re missing out! 🙂
    I’m not a cook book kind of girl but my co blogger is! She has lots of paleo books, even one called paleo desserts! hahaha!

    • I used to not be a huge fan of squash either until I tried the maple sage roasted butternut squash recipe. It tastes like a sweet treat instead of a veggie!! I do eat fish, not often, but will have to try the salmon burgers!! Thank you!

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