Week 13 Marathon Training + a Stroller Run

I have 9 more Sunday long runs left until my race! This was another big week for me! I hit another mileage milestone! I ran 16 miles NONSTOP BABY! I know lots of exclamation points already!! Too many?! I don’t think there is such a thing 🙂 I also took Z with me on one of my short runs this week!

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16 mile (long run)

This long run was different from the ones in the past. Before I even started off on my run I told myself that I had to run this smart and efficient if I wanted to complete this without stopping. My goal was to run a 10 min/mil pace so I wouldn’t burn myself out in the beginning. I am happy to report that I accomplished that goal! Who would have thought pacing yourself actually works. I just thought it was a lot of talk. By mile 13 I was feeling the best that I had felt the whole run and my legs actually didn’t feel dead or tired. I finished mile 13-16 strong! Don’t get me wrong, when I finally finished my legs were very tired. My recovery was very short too. By the next morning after my Stroller Strides workout (I think helped loosen the muscles that were tight) my legs were feeling completely refreshed again! My new ultra roller really helped work out my tight hamstrings too.

PicMonkey Collage16miler



4 mile stroller run (Wednesday-short/easy run)

Since I skipped my scheduled run on Tuesday night I decided to try a run with pushing Z IMG_4573in the stroller. Before our Cleveland trip where I ran a mile with Z, it had been well over a year since I ran with him. I used to jog with Z when he was very young, but that only lasted 4-5 months because I soon realized it was causing pain in my knee and feet. When you run while pushing a stroller you unconsciously shift your weight and your posture changes as well, which was one of the reasons that was causing my pain. The other reason, I believe, that I just had a baby and my alignment changed.  Being pregnant and giving birth messes up your whole body, more than I ever knew it could. I started back jogging (more like fast walk) as soon as I got the okay from my doctor (6 weeks post-partum). Starting at just a tenth of a mile and gradually working to a mile, 2 miles and here we are almost 19 months later (from when I started jogging again) and I’m training for my first full marathon! Anyways, enough baby talk…maybe I will do another post on my whole pregnancy/labor/etc. Any takers? I know most don’t care, but I am always interested in hearing what other women went through.

Back to my 4 miler with Z. We went to the trail after our Stroller Strides workout. My goal was to do 2 miles minimum and the most 4. We ran out 2 miles, stopped so Z could have a snack and then we ran back 2. The weather was gorgeous, not too many people on the trail and Z even fall asleep the last 2 miles. I may start making this a part of our weekly routine, as long as I don’t start having any unwanted pains while pushing the stroller.

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4 mile (Friday-easy/maintenance)

Do I not learn anything from my past afternoon runs?! I swear I forget how miserable I am when I go out for those mid-afternoon runs because I did it again! Friday, after lunch, I decided to go for a run so I didn’t have to wait until the evening. The temperature outside was very nice, there was a cool breeze, we had all the windows open in the house, the weather was gorgeous. So you ask, what is the problem? Well, the thing is the sun is still out and the sun is HOT! By mile 2 I was regretting my decision. I cut my run short quickly from 6 to 5 to 4 miles! By the time I returned home my face was beet red (I told you I would eventually turn into a beet!) and my hubby says, “hot out there?!”. Thank you Mr. Obvious! Will I ever learn my lesson? Let’s hope so!

Follow me on Instagram! There are some pictures that I don’t share on my blog!

How is the weather out where you live? we are having unseasonable cooler temperatures. It feels like winter out here (mid/high 80’s to low 90’s).

Mom readers (with young children): Are you a stroller runner?

Any fun plans for the weekend? I want to live vicariously through you!

Are you a fan of exclamation points?Obviously, I am!!!

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5 Responses to Week 13 Marathon Training + a Stroller Run

  1. Congrats on your 16-mile run! Go you!!!

    It’s been hot here at the beach and I have been soaking wet when I come in from my runs, yet the temperature is cooler than it is where you are. Am I that big of a wimp? It is pretty humid here, so maybe that’s the difference…

    And yes, I love exclamation points!!!!! 🙂

    • I’m sure it is the humidity! I melt when I’m in the Midwest in the summer!! It is very dry here since we are close to the desert. I am loving cool temps though, no complaining here!

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  3. MegBek says:

    OMG i had to get on here immediately to tell you I finally got a white sweet potato like you always have…. and OMG OMG OMG so much tastier than the orange ones (which I know, I know, are yams). OMG I would eat them all day everyday if I could.. I am in love. It sucks though, because one of them costs about $3… is that true for you too??AMAZING run, too!! I was so thrilled when I saw it on Instagram! You are KILLING it and you’re going to rock your mary mary marathon when it comes up! I am so excited for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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