Mini-Monday Food Prep + PaleOMG recipes + Organic Produce box

I know I completely skipped out on last week’s food prep post; mainly because my meals really hadn’t changed from the week before. I am a creature of habit! I didn’t want to leave you all hangin’ again so I will give you a mini food prep post today! I also am trying out 3 new recipes from PaleOMG’s cookbook (you can also find them on her website).

I am going to skip over my grocery list because frankly I don’t think you want to know everything I buy?!

Food prep for the week

  • fry bacon (side dish/protein/fat)PicMonkey Collageminifoodprep
  • hard-boil eggs (protein/snack)
  • marinated beets (Nom Nom Paleo) (side dish/starchy veggie)
  • bake sweet potatoes (side dish/starchy veggie/pre-run fuel)
  • rinse black olives (fat/snack)
  • roast balsamic pepper/onion mix




Breakfast ideas

  • scrambled eggs + bacon + marinated beets
  • Omelet w/ roasted pepper/onions + beets
  • leftover breakfast meatza (PaleOMG)

Lunch ideas

  • ground beef patty w/ yellow mustard + olives
  • salame + olives + hard-boiled egg + Cuban turkey roll-ups (PaleOMG)

Dinner ideas

Sweet treat (Paleo, of course!)

As you have noticed this week is all about PaleOMG’s recipes! I love her recipes because they are simple, easy to make and don’t require tons of ingredients. Tonight I am making the Breakfast meatza for the 2nd time. The first time around the ground pork I bought was bad. I breakfast meatzapiccollegehad thought the meat had a weird odor when I was preparing the meal, then when my hubby made a comment about it smelling weird then I knew it was bad! He will pretty much eat anything! He tells me, “I do have standards, you know”.  Well, this information would have come in handy about 30 minutes prior to this conversation since I had already had the meatza for dinner before he got home from work!! My stomach must be made of steel since it didn’t seem to upset it!  Advice for this recipe: the only modification I made was in the cooking time. I had the ground pork layer in the oven for almost 20 minutes instead of the 8-10 mins indicated on the recipe. I get weird when it comes to cooking with pork because One: I don’t cook with it very often Two: they lowered the “safe cook temperature” for pork where it can still be a light pink. I like my meat COOKED THROUGH, no pink, no mooing, no oinking!

We made the cilantro chicken nuggets last night and Z loved them! They were for sure better than the boxed frozen kind! My only advice is to make sure to not use too much of the coconut flour because it can dry out the meat very quickly. Coconut flour does not work exactly the same as regular all-purpose flour. You have been warned!

Since I was a bad blogger last week and didn’t share what I received in my organic produce box from the week before I will share it with you now! This box was a good one! It had a nice equal mix of veggies and fruit.

PicMonkey Collagefarmfreshtoyou


  • Heirloom tomatoes
  • Bartlett pears
  • white peaches
  • red seedless grapes
  • Dapple Dandy Pluot
  • Green bell pepper
  • green beans
  • cucumber
  • celery
  • assorted lettuce




I know what you are thinking! Wow, looks like she is still following the Whole30! The answer is no and yes. Breakfast, lunch and dinner and majority of my snacks are Paleo, but I have included a few other non-Paleo items.

Look for an upcoming post on: how I am doing Post-Whole30, what foods I have incorporated back into my “diet”, what foods I will exclude, and my overall experiences thus far.

Do you do any type of food prep at the beginning of the week?

Are you part of a CSA/co-op?

Do you have a local farmers market that you frequent?



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7 Responses to Mini-Monday Food Prep + PaleOMG recipes + Organic Produce box

  1. Marlene says:

    what is Dapple Dandy Pluot?

  2. MikeW says:

    Good post for simple, strong nutritional ideas.

  3. MegBek says:

    I used to go to the farmers market all the time until I found myself throwing away more things than I was eating! I just couldn’t eat all the pesticide free foods quickly enough! 🙂
    I LOVE paleomg recipes, they are amazing! You must try her salmon patty burgers… They are to die for.

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  5. Tom Levine says:

    Food prep, every sunday, dicing, chopping, cutting up veggies, steaming shrimp, roasting salmon, getting everything ready to go in the fridge for the next week!

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