WIAW #7: Post-Whole30 + Chobani Flip Review

I’m back with the WIAW posts! I know you missed them over the last several weeks! As always don’t forget to head on over to Jenn’s Peas & Crayons blog to find out what other bloggers are munching on this week!

It has been a week since I have completed the Whole30. If you go by the Whole30 program they suggest to re-introduce each excluded food type back into your “diet” every 3rd day and see how your body responds to the re-introduction. For example, on the first day after the whole30 is completed, re-introduce dairy by having a small piece of cheese in the morning, yogurt for lunch and a small glass of milk for dinner and see how you feel. If your body responds fine to dairy then you can continue with the next excluded food type (with each new food make sure you follow the Whole30 while re-introducing each new food item) after the 3rd day and do the same with each subsequent food. Hope that makes sense!

I didn’t follow the re-introduction as they suggest.

These are the food items I have re-introduced back into my “diet”:

  1. Yogurt – Chobani FlipsPicMonkey Collagefroyocereal
  2. 1/2 & 1/2 w/ my coffee
  3. gelato/frozen yogurt
  4. cereal w/ milk
  5. caramel corn – just bought one time

On the 1st day after I completed the whole30 we went to go get some froyo because I had gone 30 days without and needed my fix. I quickly regretted it because it gave me a headache and made me feel very bloated. By day 2 with the new foods I was already feeling bloated, upset stomach and was noticing more than normal break-outs. I have come to the realization that my body just doesn’t like dairy and grains that much.  I have already made the decision that once my yogurts are gone out of the fridge, I won’t be buying anymore in the near future. The only item on the list that will stay for now is my 1/2 & 1/2 for my coffee, but if that seems that it bothers my stomach too then will have to cut that out as well. I’m not saying I will never have froyo or my Chobani Flips ever again just not on a regular basis!

Chobani Flip Review

As mentioned in a previous post, I received some Chobani Flips from Chobani (in exchange for a review of their product) back when I started the Whole30 and so this week my mission was to test out the new flavors.

Vanilla Golden Crunch

PicMonkey Collagevanillanpralinecrunch

Vanilla non-fat yogurt + cornflakes + honey oats + praline pecans

 sweetness of the honey oats and pralines + light crunch from the cornflakes = sweet yumminess

2nd favorite flavor (next to Almond Loco Coco)

Raspberry Choco Fix

PicMonkey Collageraspberrychoco

Vanilla chocolate chip low-fat yogurt + raspberry puree

never been a fan of chocolate and fruit mixed together

raspberry puree was too sweet for me

not a huge fan

Honey Bee-nana

PicMonkey Collagehoneybeenana

honey low-fat yogurt + banana puree

not too sweet + enjoyed the flavor of bananas and honey mixed together= after dinner dessert

Strawberry Sunrise

PicMonkey Collagestrawberryoats

strawberry non-fat yogurt + honey oats

(not a new flavor to me)

flavors weren’t too memorable + not a fan of oats in general

Key lime crumble

PicMonkey Collagekeylime

key lime low-fat yogurt + graham crackers + white chocolate chips

(not a new flavor to me)

surprisingly good!

loved the cool key lime yogurt mixed w/ the crumbled graham  crackers and the light sweetness from the white chocolate chips= key lime pie!

Almond Loco Coco

PicMonkey Collagealmondcocoloco

coconut low-fat yogurt + toasted almonds + dark chocolate chips

(not a new flavor to me)


What is not to love: coconut, almonds and chocolate!

How could you go wrong?!

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What is your favorite Chobani Flip flavor?

What are you munching on this week?

Froyo readers: How long have you gone without froyo?

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4 Responses to WIAW #7: Post-Whole30 + Chobani Flip Review

  1. MegBek says:

    I bet you felt awful after that froyo.. Poor thing! I would feel the same.
    Yes. To. Chobani. I love all their shizzz and that coconut flip is the best! I’ve started buying the plain coconut and adding some toppings on my own because that yogurt is just SO good! I like the strawberry one too… But I have never seen the vanilla golden crunch… That’s a must try! WOO!

    • Aww…. Jealous about the coconut yogurt. The grocery stores I shop at have a very limited selection! All the new flavors that have come out in the last few weeks can’t find them anywhere 😦

  2. My favorite is the Key Lime! I never expected it to be that delicious. I thought it’s going to be sour but with chocolate bits, it made it sooo good! Love it!

    Wow! You tried almost everything! I need to do that! Thanks for the reviews!

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