Week 14 Marathon Training + 1st Yoga class

This week was another good week for me! The beginning started with another 16 miler and ended with going to my very first yoga class at a Yoga Studio!

PicMonkey Collageweek14

Miles this week: 27

Total miles for this month (August): 57

Total miles this year: 423


16 mile run

That’s right! You read it right, another 16 miler, no biggie!! Since this was my 2nd time running a 16 miler I didn’t think I would need my hubby and Z to help me with the last several miles, boy was I wrong!! This run was mentally my hardest run ever. I thought PicMonkey Collage16milersince I had already ran 16 miles the Sunday before that this would be easy. I was not prepared for how hard, mentally, this run was! Physically, my legs were tired, but it wasn’t to the point where I couldn’t walk after. My legs actually felt really good the rest of the day! At around mile 11-12 is when I started just getting tired of running and it didn’t get any better after that. Trying to mentally get through this run was extremely difficult for me and this time I couldn’t even picture the end. It is hard to explain, so I hope this all made some kind of sense?! Outcome of this run: I realized just how strong I am, mentally and physically!!!!!

5 mile stroller run

I went on another run with Z this week. I think I was too confident from last weeks’ stroller run and decided to run a whole 5 miles with him this week! I was also able to convince another mama friend to join me this time! I loved running along the trail; 2 mamas pushing their kiddos down the path with the sun shining down on us. What a great role model we are for our kiddos! It would have been very easy to just go home after Stroller Strides and sit on the couch, but instead we decided to do something active and empowering for ourselves and our kiddos!!!


6 mile run (back to the old routine)

PicMonkey Collage6milerun

This was the temp at the end of my run.

I needed to change-up my route for this run. I didn’t feel like doing my usual 6 mile loop around the city (not really the whole city, just several blocks), it just seemed too overwhelming to think of it like that. I went back to my old route that I used to run with Z. It starts at my house and I run a 1-mile loop in our neighborhood that starts and ends at the house, so in case I can’t do the full 6 I won’t be too far away from home. I didn’t have much confidence in this run. The temperature was 90 degrees at 6:40pm (at the start of my run), but I knew I had to run that day; I had already put off this run the day before. Happy to say I did run the 6 miles (nonstop), it wasn’t pretty, but I finished!


I put on my big girl pants and finally decided to try out a yoga class at an actual Yoga Studio this morning. Last month, there was a Groupon that was offering a special, $20 for 5 classes, which is a steal. How could I pass that up?! I had taken other yoga/Pilates classes, but not at a yoga studio. I was a little intimidated when I first walked in, but I soon got the hang of it. Let me tell you, I thought this class was going to be easy, I was so wrong!! I have never sweated so much in my life, EVER!!! Even on my 16 mile runs I haven’t ever sweated as much as I did this morning. I was dripping sweat the whole time, my ankles were even sweating!! I loved it!! I can’t wait to go back next week!!!

What is the longest you have run at one time?

Have you taken a yoga/Pilates classes at a studio?

What is the one form of exercise classes that you have never taken, but it seems everyone else has?

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4 Responses to Week 14 Marathon Training + 1st Yoga class

  1. Yay!!! I’m so glad you were able to give yoga a try and like it!

  2. Meghan @ fitnesscrEATures says:

    Hahaha, I love that you thought yoga would be easy… I always feel the same way and every time when I leave I’m smacking myself for having that attitude. Yes, I can run a tons of miles, but that does not mean that I can do yoga! Ha!
    That 16 miler sounds tough, but you’re right, it just reminds you of how strong and capable youa re, both mentally and physically! Get it girl! 🙂 Happy Monday.

  3. wantneko04 says:

    Wow!!!! 16 miles! How cool is that? Good luck with the marathon training, it’s a good thing that endless trail is there. (hehe!) Too bad it’s been so crowded lately.
    Welcome to the yoga world! It’s a very sweaty workout, I would definitely have to say. I would suggest a good absorbent yoga towel, (and maybe even some gloves.) Glad you liked it! 😀

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