Week 18 marathon training + Mental Wall

Well it must be contagious because I caught the bug! I have been reading other bloggers talk about not feeling like running lately and now I caught the not wanting to run bug too!!

PicMonkey Collageweek18totalmiles

Miles ran this week: 18

Miles ran in September: 40

Year-to-Date miles ran (2013): 509

Mental Wall

This week’s runs have been the hardest mentally to get through. Even my 4 miler I did on Thursday felt like I was out there FOREVER! My legs actually feel great, refreshed, strong, etc but my mind is driving me crazy.  I guess I am just tired of running in general. I always hear of other runners hitting a mental wall during their training, but I never thought I would go through it too!

Married to Running

My hubby is going through the same mental wall too. If I haven’t mentioned before he is also training for the same marathon as me! It is nice having a spouse that runs too because then we can talk all things running and not get bored with it. This will be his 2nd full marathon and he has been able to help me a lot during my training. I have been able to bounce ideas off of him regarding my runs, pace, routes, you name it he has been there.  I am very lucky to be married to a very active husband where we share the same passion for running and believe in living a healthy and active lifestyle. Having both of us being very active it can only be a very positive influence for our son. I love how our mini-vacations are usually centered around races. Our weekends are centered around our long runs. I wouldn’t have it any other way!!

12 mile run

Even though it was only 12 miles and considered my easy long run it was mentally tough! My legs felt good the whole time, but I was just plain old tired of running.  Sometimes I am out there on the trail and the minutes feel like hours and the hours feel like an eternity. I lose track of time out on the streets. I feel like time stands still.


I knew this training was  going to test every fiber of my being, but I NEVER EVER thought it would test me this much, mentally!

I posted these motivational posters on my FB this week to try and help me get through my runs:

IMG_5048 IMG_5113

I won a giveaway!!

Last week I won a giveaway that Leslie @ Triathlete Treats was hosting and the bracelet IMG_5125came in the mail today. It couldn’t have come at a better time. I will wear this tomorrow on my 20 miler and when I need to dig deeper than I ever have, I will look down and see the word “Strength” and that will remind me of how much strength I still have left in me.

Make sure to check out Endorphin Warrior’s website! They have a lot of cool stuff on their site!!

Wish me luck!


LA County Fair

Here are a couple of pictures from our trip to the LA County Fair. This was the first time that Z was able to go on a ride solo. It was a big step!

PicMonkey Collageweek18 IMG_5111

Do you have a spouse/significant other that shares the same active lifestyle as you? What is the activity?

What is your favorite thing to eat at a fair?

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8 Responses to Week 18 marathon training + Mental Wall

  1. Meghan @ fitnesscrEATures says:

    I wonder how your run went today!? It looked like you got it done with a strong pace – hopefully you didn’t feel as mentally tired as you have the past few weeks.
    I honestly got tired of running when I was training for my full but I just accepted it and went with it. Instead of doing all my weekly runs, I just did a few and always did my long weekend run. This time around, I’m doing the same thing, but doing a helluva lot more cross training to help my endurance build in other ways than running. I definitely got burnt out on running and I hear your pain girl. You’re almost there. If I recall, 20 is the last long run you have in the plan and it’s downhill from here? That’s exciting!

    • Yes today’s run was my last long, long run! I will still do double digits for my log runs, but 20 was the most I was going to run in my training. If it wasn’t for my knee bothering me towards the last 5 miles I would have finished much stronger.

  2. After hearing how bored you get on your long runs, it really makes me wish we could run together! The miles go by so much faster when shared with a friend, and that’s one of many reasons I love my Cruiser friends so much!

    My husband runs, lifts, and plays tennis (tennis -not nearly as much as he used to), so he’s as active as I am. I agree 100% that life is so much sweeter when you share the same passions as your spouse! 🙂

  3. Yay to our husbands! *high five!* I’m lucky I’m married to an active man too! We encouraged each other in reaching our goals in running! 🙂

  4. That mental wall is tough! I took a pretty long break after my marathon because I needed it. Not necessarily because of my body but more for to give my mind a rest. You’re almost there!!

    I’m so jealous of your scenery. Beautiful mountains!

    My husband and I are both runner’s too and I love it! My kids see us doing running stuff all the time and they are really interested too. My son keeps wanting to race us. 🙂

    Love the bracelet!

    • Yes, the mountains are nice to look at when there is not a thin layer of smog covering them 🙂
      That’s great that you and your husband are active too and that your kids see the great example you two are setting for them! 🙂

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