Whole30 R2: Week 2 eats + Major Fail + My Birthday!

Well this time around the whole30 hasn’t been going as well as I wanted it to. Earlier in the week I had a moment of weakness and contemplated stopping it completely and restarting sometime after my race.

Major Fail!

The Iced Pumpkin Spice Lattes have been flowing,  a few homemade cookies (or about a PicMonkey Collagemajorfaildozen, same thing same thing!) and a few pieces of cake (from my birthday on Monday). When there are sweets in the house I have no will power! I knew I was going to have cake for my birthday and it wasn’t going to be Paleo by any means and I thought I was going to be okay with that, but I was not. I just feel like this whole30 is just snowballing into something even worse than when I started! It also didn’t help that we went to the LA County Fair last week too. I got to thinking that maybe September wasn’t a good month to start this whole thing, but then when would be a good time? The answer is, there will never be a perfect 30 days where you wont go anywhere or celebrate anything. I also have to remember that I am doing this Whole30 for ME, not for anyone else, not to prove to anyone anything, not to lose weight, not to look better, and most importantly not to be perfect! I want to do this so I can feel better!

With that being said, my birthday was on Monday! I turned the big 3-0!!

Sorry, I know that wasn’t a good transition, I am horrible at all that stuff. Sorry to any teachers out there that are cringing at all my grammatical errors, punctuations, improper use of words, etc. I take full responsible for all that!

Birthday Eats!

My one request for my birthday was that I wanted my husband to cook dinner and it had to be Paleo. Okay, that was two requests so sue me! He delivered on both of them!

Birthday dinner menu:PicMonkey Collagebirthdaydinner

Marinated filet mignon (used PaleOMG’s coffee rubbed steak marinade,  but omitted the brewed coffee)

roasted green beans (Gather cookbook)

baked yams

Dessert: Store bought cake**

**I would have probably volunteered to attempt to make a paleo cake if it wasn’t for my 20 miler the day before. I was in no mood to be in the kitchen, standing, for long periods of time!

Z loves balloons! Can ya tell?!?



Due to all my major fails during this last week I have officially decided to extend this Whole30 until October 13th! That day is the day I run my first full marathon! Have I mentioned that I am training for my first full marathon?!? If you haven’t heard the news then you must be living under a rock because I basically tell anyone and everyone that will listen! Sorry about that everyone! It will soon be over! Maybe….

Here are my week 2 (days 8-14) Whole 30 eats:

1. Paleo Chicken Piccata + side salad (lunch or dinner)

2. Sage Bison (regular beef) burgers w/ bacon & apple chutney (PaleOMG) + baked sweet potato fries (my recipe) (any meal)

3. grapes + strawberries (snack)

4. salami + black olives + pickles (lunch)

5. Sweet potato hash w/ fried eggs (NomNom Paleo) (any meal!)

6. Ants on a log (celery + sunflower seed butter + raisins) (snack)

To end this post. Here was my bday card from the boys. This completely made my whole day!!


How do you feel about birthdays? Are you afraid of getting older or do you embrace it?

What is the meal that you always request on your birthday?

Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram!! If you already do, I know some of these pictures are old news already!!

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5 Responses to Whole30 R2: Week 2 eats + Major Fail + My Birthday!

  1. It is my birthday tomorrow! I was planning on making a raw cashew cheesecake for myself and having roast with veg for dinner….but now I am contemplating pancakes for breakfast…and not the paleo version 😦

  2. Happy belated birthday!!! That filet looks delicious! 🙂

  3. Meghan @ fitnesscrEATures says:

    Happy belated birthday my friend!!!! And you’re about to run a darn marathon!! 🙂 Major fails for your birthday are 100% acceptable. On my birthday week, I had TONS of red velvet cake, fried food and LOTS of candy. You did great in comparison, right? LOL!
    That’s such a cute bday card! ❤ so sweet!
    Speaking of extending your challenge til your marathon – do you have your post marathon meal planned yet??? You gotta have something splurge-y because, duh, you will have done the Whole30 and you will have just run a marathon! Girl I'm getting SO excited for you like crazy! AH! i know you'll do great and I just can't wait!

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