5 things I have learned during marathon training!

I figured since I am now 16 days out from running my first marathon now would be a good time to discuss some things I have learned along the way. Have I mentioned I’m running a full marathon?! I’m sure by now all my friends and family are tired of hearing me talk about my training, seeing my status updates on FB and now hearing me talk about my IT band issue I am having. Well friends and family we have 16 more days than I will shut up for a while! Actually probably not because after the 16 days you will then hear me talk all about how the race went, mile by mile! Hehe! Just kidding, maybe….

Here are some things I have learned during these 20+ weeks of training.

1. Bathrooms are your friend. I have never been so happy to see porta potties or public restrooms during these last 5 months. It’s funny, I have never had to use one (yet), but from my couple really really close calls, they are now comforting to see. It makes me feel a little better knowing that if I really had to go, there are more options than ducking behind the bushes.

runner problems


2. BodyGlide becomes your new BFF. The longer you are running the more time yourbodyglidepic clothes/skin is rubbing up against you. Let me tell you, it is pretty painful after a really long run then taking a hot shower…your skin burns like a mother! Before every long run I am lathering myself up all over the place. I would say it is more important than deodorant. On a long run who cares if you stink, you are going to smell anyway from all the sweat, but if you forget that BodyGlide, oh boy you are in for a world of hurt!



3. Counting calories are out the window. If you are hungry, you eat! It is as simple as that! It has been a really long time since I counted my calories. If I had to guess the number, it would probably be in the 3,000 area and that is just a guess.

4. What you eat is very important. This goes along with #3 because it does matter what you put in your body. Your body is a well oiled-machine. You have to take care of it on the inside and out. It is well-known that I follow a Paleo lifestyle. Everyone is different, you have to find what works for you. Not everyone will benefit from a paleo lifestyle, but I fortunately have. After my marathon next month, that will be my 4th race this year and all while living a paleo lifestyle. Here is a previous post where I break down the differences that I have noticed while training for a race and the paleo foods (at the time) I was eating at the beginning of my training.

Very True… #paleo  #healthyfood  #USA  #Autisticchildren  #ADHDkids  #crossfit  #athletes  #gym #paleodiet #quote

This is what I like about the Paleo Diet- A quote from Primal Toad.








5. VERY important to take care of your body. You put your body through a lot, physically, while training and it is super important to take care of it. I’m not just talking about fueling your training, but what you do after your long runs is important too. I unfortunately have found out the hard way! I admit I was not stretching and using my massage roller regularly. I would only stretch during Stroller Strides classes and use my roller only on occasion. I had taken a few yoga classes, but truthfully it has been almost a month since I last went to one. I need to get yoga back in my life. I am now paying for not taking care of my body. Over the last 5 months I have increased my mileage, speed and intensity, but with really no recovery weeks. My body needed those lighter mileage weeks and I really wasn’t giving my body a break. My thought process was: I am still feeling strong, my legs don’t feel dead, I’m not feeling weak, so why should I slow down? This is my body’s way of telling me that I need to slow down, relax and rest. Listen to your body, it knows what is best for you.


This is completely off topic, but since I have had some extra time I have been doing a little baking in the kitchen this week. I’m hoping I will post a couple new apple recipes this weekend! We will see how tomorrow morning’s run goes….If I am in a good mood or not…

What is your favorite apple recipe?

Are there apple orchards where you live?

For the runners: What are you currently training for? How is the training going?

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8 Responses to 5 things I have learned during marathon training!

  1. Joey says:

    Yep jumping in the shower after a long run is never pleasant if you forget the glide. After the initial sting, you start to think “never knew I could chafe there…” Haha!

  2. Hi, Lindsey. I’m here via the Running Bloggers FB pairing. I love that your dog is named Dexter. I love that show too!! I followed you via Bloglovin’ and look forward to reading your posts!

  3. You’re so close… how exciting! 🙂

    Virginia has a lot of apple orchards. My favorite apple dessert recipe to make is Apple Betty. It’s my husband’s favorite, and I need to make it for him soon and blog about it!

  4. OMG! I love your list! 🙂 I can relate! 🙂
    I have never used port-a-potties before I started running. I would hold it until I find nice, clean, decent restroom. But now, I still think they’re disgusting, but they are my savior and I learned to love them!!! 🙂

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