Marathon Training Update: The Longest Streak Ever!

I wish I had better news to write today. Since last Tuesday when I wrote about my training I got some rather discouraging news from my doctor. I received a call on Friday morning from my doctor’s office regarding the x-ray they took of my left knee, when I went to see them last Monday. The x-ray showed some extra fluid around my knee and by running on it would only make it worse. The nurse knew the situation I was in (regarding my marathon) and advised me to: REST the knee as much as I can, ICE the area, use COMPRESSION gear, ELEVATE the knee and to take Motrin. She also told me to make sure I really take time to REST after the race and to give the office a call after my race as to what we will do next. I have no idea what that means. The nurse didn’t either, so today I put a call to my doctor’s office to get more information on what the ramifications of running the marathon will do to my knee.

The Longest Streak: 9 days!

No, this is not a good long streak. This is the longest number of consecutive days that I have not run in almost a year. I am freaking out these days. I know I need to rest my knee. I know running could make things worse, but I also know that I want to do this marathon. I am even okay with doing the run/walk method if it means that I will be able to finish this race.


As of today, Monday, October 7, 2013, 6 days out from the race, I still have not decided on what I am going to do. I’m sure all my friends and family wish I wouldn’t even try to do this marathon. I know they would hate to see me get hurt and something really bad happen out on the course. Trust me I don’t want that either! I guess in my mind I feel like I can still do this and actually finish and the only problem is that I don’t know if my body feels the same way. My worst fear is that my knee starts hurting at mile 2 and the pain gets so bad that I can’t even walk…..

This is what I have been sporting lately:



I will update you all on what I decide to do……

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7 Responses to Marathon Training Update: The Longest Streak Ever!

  1. Good luck with your decision. It’s one of the hardest things for a runner to go through… deciding whether or not to run in a race when injured. I’m sending healing hugs your way!

  2. I’m so sorry you’re having knee problems!! I suffered through IT band problems earlier this year and had to sit out a race. I’m hoping for a speedy recovery for you!!

  3. hi! i found you from Fitness Creatures Blog. first off, congrats on your marathon – that is a huge and awesome feat so pat yourself on the back for doing it!

    second, do those strip things really work? i’ve been experiencing some knee pain which is a total bummer because i’m a huge lover of trail runs and the knee pain totally mess with it.

    • Hi! Thanks for stopping by!!
      Regarding the knee tape it was hard to know if they helped at all. I was using them about every day for 2-3 weeks prior to my race and resting and icing my knee as much as possible since it seemed my knee pain was from overuse. If you go on YouTube and search for exercises to strengthen the muscles around your knee, there are tons of videos. Also on YouTube has the different applications for the KT Tape depending on what type of injury you have. I don’t know if I really answered your question or not?!!

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