Life after a marathon: One Month Later

Well, it has been almost a month since I ran my first marathon. It is a weird feeling now that it is all over. It still doesn’t feel real. I had put so much time and effort into this one goal and then just like that *snap of the finger* it is all over. I lived and breathed marathon training. My daily activities revolved around my training. I was always thinking of the next meal, next run, next day, etc. and how I could make the next {blank} that much better.

The Days After

It probably took about day 2 post-marathon to think maybe I could do better next time. Maybe if I trained smarter and now know what to do, what not to do that I could run a stronger race and have a better time. About that same time was when I started feeling normal again, no pain, no stiffness, etc. I felt like I had my life back to normal. I am not planning on running another marathon anytime soon but, I will do another one (or two or three) at some point in my life.


firstrunbackFirst Run Back

It only took me one week to get back out on the streets. Since I really wasn’t training right up to the race I wasn’t running as much. I couldn’t wait another day to hit the pavement again. The weather was beautiful, the roads were calling my name so, I went for my first run since the marathon. I felt great during and after the run. My life was truly back to normal. It is hard to explain my passion for running. When I wasn’t able to run for those last couple weeks it felt like a piece of me was missing.


First run back on the trail









One Month Later

I can happily say I am back to running regularly (3x a week) and have some races coming up. My knee pain isn’t completely gone but it has not been bothering me. I still run with my compression knee sleeve on my left knee, more for assurance than anything else. On my last run yesterday I did have a slight pain on my right knee so for tomorrow’s race I’ll make sure to wear my compression sleeve. When I first signed up for tomorrow’s 10K my goal was to beat my last PR for this same race that I ran 5 years ago. I don’t think I will beat my time because I am still having some issues getting my HR down during my runs. Prior to the marathon my average HR was between 147-152 for all my runs but, now I am averaging between 159-168. I don’t really know the cause for my high ranges. I have taken my runs as easy as possible and monitor my heart rate and adjust my speed if I notice my HR keeps increasing.

New Addition

I had to reward myself after my marathon with a new pair of shoes! My last ones were done-zo! I would like to introduce you to my new Asics Gel- Cumulus 15:

new shoes

Upcoming events:

Mission Inn 10K (11/10/13)

Plymouth Turkey Trot 5K (11/28/13)

Divas Half Marathon (12/8/13)

Z’s Halloween Costume!

I almost forget to tell you what Z was for Halloween! It was quite a struggle trying to compromise on a costume. He has given me a run for my money these days. That will be for another post! Stay tuned!

Z was a runner!! It was my hubby’s idea. We already had everything (bib and medal). It zforhalloweenwas even more cute when he didn’t want to take off the medal when we got back from trick or treating.

Any suggestions on trying to get my HR back down to my pre-marathon numbers?

What were you and/or your kids for Halloween?

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10 Responses to Life after a marathon: One Month Later

  1. Such a cute costume! I didn’t dress up for Halloween this year…
    Good luck on your upcoming races!

  2. Awww, Z is adorable. My little Joseph was a runner his very first Halloween way back 25 years ago!

  3. Meghan @ fitnesscrEATures says:

    This is an awesome post – life after a marathon!! I was pretty much the same – minus running afterward. I could not run to save my life for a little bit. That marathon really broke me down! And good for the new shoes! There’s nothing better than a new pair of running kicks.
    Also, I hear you on the regular running thing. While training for a marathon is encouraging, empowering and fun, I miss just the relaxed schedule of running whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. I hope that when I finish this full, I’m as ready to run as you were! 🙂 Yay for another half girly! You’re amazing!

    • Yes it’s nice to not have to run such long runs on Sundays. I never thought it would be refreshing to go out on a 8 mile run on Sunday morning. And I really look forward to my long runs. Towards the end of my training it was just getting really tiring 😦

  4. fitfulfocus says:

    I have those same shoes! They are awesome. I know you’ll have many a great run in them 🙂

  5. wantneko04 says:

    I got a one of those mueller knee straps on Amazon last time I injured my knee, it was really minimalist and it helped support the patella when I did my workouts/12-hour shifts.
    CUTE shoes, by the way! Love them with the pink socks! 😀

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