21-Day Sugar Detox Week 2: Food Prep + Meal Ideas

Yes, I know you missed me since my last post. It’s okay I feel the same way about you!

I swear one of these  days I will actually get my Monday Food Prep post up on Monday!

I haven’t really talked about how my 21DSD is going so far because there isn’t too much to talk about. This time around it is going better. I didn’t have any of the normal symptoms that are typical of the 21dsd. I have had energy through out and if I get hungry in between meals I usually grab a quick snack to hold me over to the next meal. My favorite snacks so far have been very simple which include: couple slices of cheese (full-fat) rolled up with salami and my favorite sweet snack is a green-tipped banana (sliced) w/ sunflower seed butter on each slice topped with macadamia nuts. So good!

Well Fed 2

I bought a new Paleo cookbook in the mail last week so, that means there are several of the recipes in this weeks’ meal planning. Melissa Joulwan came out with her 2nd Paleo cookbook, Well Fed 2! I already had her first one and was so excited when I found out she had another one coming out. Her 2nd one has all brand new recipes and is DOUBLE THE SIZE of her first one!!PicMonkey Collagewellfed2

Food Prep

  • Pulled Pork (breakfast/lunch/dinner) (PaleOMG)PicMonkey Collage21dsdweek2prep
  • Apple crumble (dessert) (21DSD book) {haven’t made this yet}
  • baked chicken (protein)
  • chicken salad (my own recipe) (lunch/dinner) –mayo + lemon zest + parsley + red onion + celery
  • homemade mayo (Well Fed 2)
  • Coleslaw (Well Fed 2 )
  • BBQ sauce (Well Fed 2)
  • hard-boiled eggs (protein/snack)






  • chicken salad + black olives
  • leftover dinners


  • Spicy sesame lime salmon (21DSD book)
  • BBQ pork or beef “waffle” sandwich (Well Fed 2) (may or may not be considered 21DSD approved–the questionable ingredients may be the baking soda & cream of tarter ??)
  • Italian meatballs w/ tomato sauce (own recipe)
  • sautéed kielbasa w/ sautéed cabbage & onions + sauerkraut


  • deviled eggs
  • cheese & salami roll-ups
  • frozen bananas + sunflower seed butter + macadamia nuts (sometimes with chocolate sauce(homemade) drizzled over! Yum!

If you follow me on Instagram you already saw the picture I posted of the sunrise this morning. It was something I don’t think I have ever seen!


Do you do any food prep for the week? Sundays or Mondays or Tuesdays!

Are you usually up before the sun rises in the morning? I like to be most days.

Are you a night owl or an early riser? early riser

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3 Responses to 21-Day Sugar Detox Week 2: Food Prep + Meal Ideas

  1. Marlene says:

    How does Mike, really how does Zach deal with the cabbage? Not Mike’s favorite, but he grew up with it. I made fried cabbage and noodles. I love it!

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