Hug a Runner Day!

Today is globally known as HUG A RUNNER DAY! It is pretty simple. Go find a runner and give them a BIG HUG! We need a day too! Everyone else has a day, why not us 🙂


(source-Run Find your Happy Place)

“Every runner deserves a hug. A real hug. The kind of hug that says, ‘Even if I don’t understand why you do it, I appreciate and recognize your effort.'”  -Run the Edge

Run the Edge organized this event and created a separate FB page just for this day. Head on over there and through out the day other runners will be posting pictures.



Go out and have a wonderful day! Don’t forget to get your run on!!

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6 Responses to Hug a Runner Day!

  1. Sending virtual hugs your way!!!

  2. Well, I’m not a hugger, but to celebrate this day I will hug all runners! Have a fantastic run!

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  4. I’m sad I misses out on hug a runner day! I’ll have to live it up next year for sure haha

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