I am a runner.

A few weeks ago, I was asked about my thoughts on running to share with a 5k training group. I wanted to share with you what I had to say. I added a bit to my original write-up….Enjoy.


I am a runner.i run the.....

I run in the cold.

I run in the heat.

I run in the rain.

I run in the snow.

I run in the wind.

I run in the dark of night.

I run in the light of day.

I run alone.

I run with others.

I run when I don’t want to.

I run when I want to.

I run.


I run because it is my freedom, my calm and my sanity.

I run because I like being challenged: mentally, physically, emotionally and psychologically.

I run for me.


I love experiencing what my body is capable of.

I love pushing myself outside my comfort zone.

I love the feeling of wanting to quit, wanting to give up, wanting to walk away; from when it gets too painful, too uncomfortable, too emotional and too tiring and then mentally pushing all your doubts and fears to the side and finishing what you started.

I love how I feel after a run.


I have not always thought of myself as a runner. It took me a long time to finally realize I was one from the very beginning. I always thought you had to run sub-6 minute miles, log 50+ miles a week, have a running coach and be a front of the pack racer to be considered a REAL runner.



I am never going to run a sub-6 minute mile.

I am never going to log 50+ miles a week.

I am never going to get a running coach.

I am never going to be a sponsored runner.


I have run a sub-8 minute mile.

I have logged over 30 miles in a week.

I have started and completed a full marathon.

I have run 6 half marathons.

I am never going to doubt myself.

I run for me.

I am a runner. 


Finish this sentence:

I am a runner because_____________________________.

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14 Responses to I am a runner.

  1. This gave me chills, honestly. Amazing. And for me, I am a runner because I can be. And that’s pretty awesome.

  2. Beautiful!!! I love running, what is does for me, and what it does for others. This is the perfect proof of that.
    I could go on an on in filling in the blank, so I’ll do just one instead of listing all my reasons!
    I am a runner because it makes me happy!

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  4. I am a runner because I can totally relate to this post! 🙂 Love love love it!

  5. hey, thanks for popping by my blog 🙂
    i’m a runner because i call myself that! for a long time, i never considered myself a “runner” either but i figured hey, i run trails so that counts, right?

  6. I love this! I am a runner because I don’t know life any other way!

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  8. Great post Lindsey. I wrote a similar post not too long ago called What Does a Runner Look Like. What’s great about running is that it’s such a mental thing. We are all if different shapes and paces, but what unites us is how running makes us feel. I am a runner because everything is always better after a run!

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