24 Days of Christmas Activities for Toddlers!

Ok, so this might officially be my very first post that has nothing to do with running and/or anything Paleo related. I had wanted to do a Christmas countdown last year for Z but, I felt he was a little too young. I realize this year he still doesn’t understand much of what is going on but I hope he will enjoy all the activities I have planned for him. Putting together this little project took some planning, organizing and creativity from me which is a little out of character. In my mind I believe I am an organized and crafty person but that is not the reality. At least I realize this, right?!?

Keeping with the topic of me being bad about planning things out. My intention was to have everything completed before December 1st so I could post this a few days before but, instead here we are on December 2nd already. Oh well! It is the thought that counts right?!? The sad part is Z even suffers from my procrastination because I didn’t give him Day 1’s activity until this morning 😦

After doing a little research (meaning spending hours on Pinterest) I got some ideas on how I wanted to organize this countdown. If you already follow me on Pinterest then I am sorry for all the Pins about this subject. I know I get a little excessive with my Pinning!

Enough with me rambling on….

Onto the materials I used to complete this project and what I planned for each day.


  • small kraft brown bags (Hobby Lobby 3/$1) (I bought 25, just in case)PicMonkey Collagematerialsneeded
  • scrapbook paper-holiday designs (Hobby Lobby orig. 59 cents each-on sale 50% off)
  • different colored stock paper (already had on hand from my stamp/card making days!)
  • glue stick
  • scissors
  • mini mounting tape (had on hand -see above)
  • TIME! Took me a little more time then I had initial thought!

The instructions to assemble them are self-explanatory but, comment below if you do have any questions.

PicMonkey Collagechristmascountdown


These activities are for a 2-year-old but of course you can always modify and/or add to based on the age of the child.

PicMonkey Collage24daysimage


{ } these indicate what I put in the bag to represent what we will be doing for that day.

  • ABC – Christmas coloring pages {crayons} credit: 1plus1plus1equals1 blog
  • Make fun Christmas shapes with play dough {play dough + festive cookie cutter}
  • Make our own Christmas ornaments-salt dough recipe {mini paint brush + kid friendly paint} Find the recipe HERE
  • Watch a Christmas movie with Mommy – ELF {pretend movie ticket}
  • Help Granddad in making his nuts & bolts (Chex party mix) {small bag of pretzels}
  • Need something to keep those legs warm- babylegs  {BabyLegs}
  • Help Mommy and Daddy pick out a tree and “help” decorate it
  • Z gets his own Christmas “tree” (made a felt tree w/ felt ornaments) Thanks Pinterest! {a few of the felt ornaments}
  • Sticker/activity book {festive stickers}
  • Help Mommy mail out Christmas cards {envelopes}
  • Z’s 2nd Birthday!! Cake + Balloons
  • Collect pine cones {small paper bag}
  • Drive to look at Christmas lights
  • Celebrate Z’s bday with the grandparents.
  • Have hot (warm) cocoa with Mommy {hot cocoa packet}
  • Trip to the San Diego Zoo to see the zoo decorated for the holidays! {small red bells}
  • Make homemade wrapping paper {stamps/ink}
  • Paint a picture with green + red paint {brushes + paint}
  • Help Mommy wrap presents {couple bows}
  • Walk around local outdoor mall to look at all the decorations
  • Trip to Big Bear Lake, CA -hoping to see snow! {hat and gloves}
  • Walk around our neighborhood after dinner to look at lights
  • Help make and decorate cookies for Santa {cookie cutter}
  • Christmas Eve! Open present that says “open on Christmas Eve” (stuffed animal/Christmas book/new PJ’s)

Since Z’s birthday takes up 2 out of the 24 days I guess there are technically only 22 activities but you all get the idea! So sue me!

I have to thank everyone on Instagram, my personal FB and One Mother of a Day’s FB page!!  On Saturday I was still a few days short and put out a help needed message and many of you came through for me with some great ideas that I included in my Christmas countdown. Thank you again! I may have to use social media channels more often!

I know we are almost 3 days into December already and maybe too late to start this from the beginning but let me know if any of you do these activities with your kids.

On a side note.

How have I never been to Hobby Lobby?!?  I was in heaven! I seriously could have spent all day there but, thanks to my son I only was able to cover not even a 1/4 of the whole store before he decided he was done sitting in the cart.

Note to self: Don’t ever bring a 2-year-old to Hobby Lobby again!! They will really ruin the experience 🙂

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PicMonkey Collageday1

Does your family have any Christmas/Holiday traditions? What are they?

Have you ever been to Hobby Lobby?

Do you have a FB page you want me and others to follow? Leave link in the comments!

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11 Responses to 24 Days of Christmas Activities for Toddlers!

  1. Marlene says:

    Hobby Lobby is one of the best stores I have ever been to. Really good ideas there. Love that place!

  2. I love this idea- so cute! And it makes the whole Christmas experience fun without being all about gifts!
    One year I made these tiny handmade envelopes with an activity to do in each one. They were super cute but took my super long to do!
    If I was on FB (I don’t have a personal or blog account) I would 100% like you!

  3. What fun ideas! This will be a great activity to expand on each year as he gets older. I love Hobby Lobby. Way too many tempting things there. Just in case you didn’t already know, they usually have a 40% off coupon online or in your newspaper. 🙂

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  5. olivetorun says:

    Obviously I LOVE this!! I would love to include some of these in my classroom with some modifications!

  6. Rorybore says:

    there are some really great ideas here! My kids are all older and only home for the 2 weeks of Christmas….but I could amend to 10 days and just change some of the activities to their ages.
    Your little guy is going to have a blast! Merry Christmas!

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