My Autoimmune Story: Finally some relief (Part 2)

After I posted part 1 of my autoimmune story yesterday I almost went back and deleted it. I didn’t know if you would be turned off by my less than positive post and not return back to my blog. Let’s me honest, who really wants to read someone’s sob story on their autoimmune symptoms? Then I thought of the positive. Maybe there is someone who is going through the same thing and comes across my post and says to themselves, “hey that is just what I am going through!” and realizes they aren’t alone. After going back and forth in my head I decided to keep the post on here. Whether it turns readers away or brings more in, it doesn’t matter because this is my life. It is real life. I like to treat this blog as my own personal life diary that I happen to share with you all. If something negative happens to me and I want to write it down and share my story then I will do that. On the flip side, if something positive happens then (of course) I will share it. Life is not always gumdrops and sunshine (is that a saying?! if not, then *note to self* “just came up with a new saying!”).

Here is the part 2 to my story. I promise there is some good news in this post.

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Current state of mind

{I had written this post over the course of a couple of days throughout my whole autoimmune flare-up}

Here is what I wrote on Saturday, December 28th:

As I write this on Saturday, December 28th I am feeling better. I am still on all the medications: 2x Zrytec, 4x (50mg) Hydroxyzine , 4x (100mg) Cyclosporine. Over the course of the last couple days I decided to make a change in what I am eating.  I decided to start the Autoimmune Protocol/Whole30/low-histamine “diet”. Today is Day 1 and already I can say it is going to be a challenge. The “diet” is very restrictive. It basically takes out the foods that are prone to cause “allergic” reactions and/or high-histamine foods. Along with the Paleo diet (dairy-free/legume-free/grain-free/gluten-free/sugar-free) the autoimmune side of the diet also excludes eggs, nuts and seeds, and nightshades {peppers (any variety including spices), eggplant, tomatoes and white potatoes}.  Like I said it is very restrictive but at this point I will try anything. I am desperate. If someone would have told me to hop on one foot for 10 miles while juggling eggs and that would help my symptoms go away then I would give it a try!

Finally some relief

As I write this (Friday, January 3, 2014) I can happily say that for almost 5 days my symptoms have subsided a great deal. It was Monday (12/30/13) morning when I woke up and realized my eye lids were not swollen, my lips were not swollen and I didn’t notice any visible hives on my face, arms, mid-section, etc. I didn’t want to get my hopes up just yet. Usually the hives don’t start appearing until I have been awake for 5-10 minutes. Don’t ask me why that is but it has happened every morning for the last 2 weeks. Well, an hour had gone by and I was still hive free and symptom free. I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t think I would ever feel normal again. By that Monday afternoon there were about a dozen or so hives that did pop up on my legs throughout the rest of the day but, there was no itching associated with them. I felt great! I am going on day 5 of feeling that way. I am not completely symptom free but, am much more comfortable and the hives are much more manageable.  Even the burning/hot sensation has subsided. I don’t want to get my hopes up but, it definitely gives me some relief.

I will be on all my medications for at least another month and after that period if I have had no major flare-ups than I can start weaning off of the cyclosporine. That is the one medication that I don’t want to be on for much longer. Cyclosporine is an immune suppressant which leaves you more susceptible to illnesses, diseases, cancer, etc. and can cause damage to your liver and kidneys (if taken for an extended period of time). Yeah, no bueno. *fingers cross* That I don’t have to be on it for very long.


Did the autoimmune protocol/paleo diet work?

It is really hard to say that there was any correlation between my diet change and the symptoms subsiding. It is hard to believe that after only 2 days of the new “diet” that it had that much of an effect on my body. I like to think my diet change did help with my symptoms but then it could have just been a huge coincidence. Maybe my medications that I was on finally kicked in and was able to stabilize my immune system. I don’t know. I probably will never know. I am just happy for right now that I can feel normal again and have my life back.

I am not following the new “diet” exactly. After day 1 on it I knew I couldn’t go 30+ days eating like this, it was just way too restrictive for me. Since Day 2 I have incorporated back into my “diet” eggs and nuts/seeds and my raw cacao powder but, still excluding everything else that I listed above. Okay, I lied. I also added back in my occasional trips to Starbucks for my iced caramel macchiatos. Ok ok not occasional. Like. Every. Single. Day. I know I know. I got a big problem but I figure it could be worse.



Running was my sanity

During the 2 weeks where I was miserable the one thing that helped keep me sane was running. I made sure I got out on the streets a couple of times a week because that was the only time where I forgot about my hives/itching/burning etc and just focused on my running. I am so glad I have running in my life. It is more than just an exercise it is my sanity. My freedom from everything else. I appreciate my love of running and ability to run so much more these last few weeks than I ever have. I am more motivated to go for a run knowing that I can escape everything else going on and really enjoy being out there.

Now that I have caught you up to date.

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How was everyone’s New Year’s Eve celebrations? I made it til 11 pm. I wasn’t planning to stay up til midnight anyways.

Bloggers: Why did you start your blog?

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12 Responses to My Autoimmune Story: Finally some relief (Part 2)

  1. Skye says:

    I, for one, truly appreciated part 1 and part 2. I just went back to the paleo lifestyle and am praying that it helps my symptoms. After day 2, I already feel improved.

    Thank you for writing. It does help others!! 🙂 Happy New Year!

  2. I’m glad you have gotten some relief! That must be so annoying and frustrating to say the very east. I get heat induced hives so when I run on extremely hot days, my legs get that awful burning/itching sensation you talk about. However, in my case a cool post-run shower makes it go away. I can’t imagine having it go on and only finding relief through medication. I feel for you and hope that when it goes away this time, it stays away for good!

    Don’t ever apologize for what you write. You never know who found your blog by your tags, and like Skye says, “It does help others!”

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  4. Meghan @ fitnesscrEATures says:

    Girl, I had no idea that you had these kinds of things going on. I can’t believe it…. You’re such a trooper. I can’t imagine having these symptoms and keeping a positive attitude – so you’re killing it, even if parts of your past post were negative – it’s only human. And this is so enlightening for people to read. I believe that food can help with lots of issues and though your diet is super restrictive, it seems like it’s what’s best for you. ❤ Get it girl!!

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