A Day in the Life of……One Mother of a Day

We, as human beings, are curious by nature. We always want to know what others are doing. We want to know, is their life really that exciting? Or is my life really that boring? What do others eat for dinner?  My answer, yeah my life probably is that boring. I am 100% guilty of wanting to know what others are doing. It is not because I want to have someone else’s life. It is not because I wish my life was different. I love the life I have. I am intrigued about what other people’s “normal” routine consists of.

I thought it would be fun to document and photograph a day in the life of ME. I love reading other bloggers’ “A day in the life of..” posts so, I thought I would do one too. Keep in mind my life really isn’t that exciting. We pretty much do the same thing every day but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

A Day in the life of…..

a Mother,

A wife,

A head chef,

A waitress,

A maid,

A nurse,

A runner,

A driver,

AKA Lindsey and the person behind One Mother of a Day.”


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

PicMonkey Collage630amcoffeeandcartoontime

Time to wake up!: 6:25 am ( little late for me). Made a bee-line downstairs to start my coffee. It always feels like an eternity waiting for the coffee to brew.

It isn’t long until Z brings me the remote to let me know he isn’t happy with what is on the television and wants me to change it to one of his shows.  it’s a sad day when you realize a 2 yr old is one that is in charge!

Our morning routine consists of me drinking my coffee, surfing the internet, while Z watches his cartoons.

PicMonkey Collageanotherwindydaybkfast

Breakfast time:  7:30am-time to start making breakfast. I make my scrambled eggs with my breakfast sweet potatoes. I can eat the same thing for breakfast for weeks if not months until I start getting sick of it. Made Z’s French toast for the rest of the week.

PicMonkey Collagefit4mommamas

 9:00-10:00am– Z and I go to Fit4Mom’s daily morning hour-long workout that consists of  strength training, cardio and walking with a great group of mamas and their kiddos! Usually about once a week there will be a specialty class, lately it has been Stroller Barre which I have been lovin’ lately. Normally, we stay after class and Z plays at the playground but I was determined to head to the trail and get in a few miles.

PicMonkey Collage5kstrollerrun

10:30-11:00am– luckily there were no winds on the trial. It is day 4 of high winds and I am tired of it! Since there was no winds it felt extra hot on the trail. I only ran 3 miles. One reason it was too hot for me. Second reason I felt bad that Z had been in the stroller for so long this morning.

PicMonkey Collagestarbuckstreat

11:00 am:  We stopped at Starbucks after my run to get a treat for Z. He loves their Iced chocolate milk with whip cream!

PicMonkey Collagezslunchandnaptime

12pm-made Z’s lunch and then was nap time for him! Lunch menu: almond butter sandwich and sliced avocado. While I was making his lunch he came up to me with a hockey stick wanting me to play.

Finally got to shower after Z went down for his nap.

PicMonkey Collagelunchandsnacktime

1pm– made my lunch (tuna salad, paleo deviled eggs + apple) , washed dishes from breakfast and lunch, moved along the laundry I had started the day before (don’t judge)

2pm-made my frozen banana treat (sliced bananas w/ sunflower seed butter on top and macadamia nut on top of the butter, melted coconut oil and raw cacao powder and drizzled over the slices and put in freezer until desired firmness)! Yum-O! Watched tv for a bit before Z woke up from his nap.

3pm– Z wakes up !

PicMonkey Collagedinnertimeprep

4:30pm-started dinner. A household favorite: Paleo Pad Thai (Well Fed )

5:30 pm dinner was ready!

6:00 pm: Time that I actually sat down to eat!

8:15pm- Time for Z’s bedtime

PicMonkey Collagebedtime

8:30 pm- had my 2nd frozen banana treat and couple peppermint patties (not pictured). Watching some shows (yes, that is The Real World: San Francisco) we had recorded before a new episode of Modern Family at 9pm.

10pm- head to bed-watch a little Seinfeld. Yes, I have had that book on my nightstand for almost 2 months now. I swear one of these days I will actually pick it up and read it.

There it is. And the next morning I wake up and do it all over again. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Do you like hearing about what others do throughout the day?

What is your one television show that you don’t like to admit you watch? Don’t worry I won’t tell 🙂

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15 Responses to A Day in the Life of……One Mother of a Day

  1. Marlene says:

    Sounds like a fun and fulfilling day to me!

  2. beach3519 says:

    Busy busy busy! I think I’d have to say maybe My Strange Addiction would be one of those types of shows. I don’t really have any shows I’m embarrassed about watching.

  3. I always love reading about people’s days!! Man- moms days are incredibly busy! Love that you guys do stroller barre with your babes! Does Z like hockey?
    And how delicious does your banana snack look and sound?!
    We actually cancelled our tv about six months ago! We still have Netflix but that’s it! I’m so out of the loop with what’s cool on tv now!

    • He likes the concept of hockey… Hitting the puck into the net. You aren’t missing much regarding tv shows. Shows these days are pretty mind-numbing especially talking about reality shows. That’s great that you guys cancelled tv!

  4. I loved the little view of your day. It looks beautiful where you live, I wish there was a fit moms club near me.

  5. I enjoy the “Day in the Life Posts…” but I’ve never done one. Life of the mom of a little one is so busy! My day is much more repetitive with seeing clients.

    One of these days maybe! We love The Office and Fraiser reruns!

  6. Love this post! And The Real World is back on my DVR after MANY seasons of me ignoring it. I’m intrigued about the ex situation. LOL

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