WIAW #10: New + Old Paleo Eats!

I was looking through my past posts and realized two things. First being I haven’t done a WIAW (What I Ate Wednesday) since last summer! I know! Cray Cray! {Sorry about that, I felt it was appropriate. It’s been a common phrase in our household lately, I know too much reality TV for us} Second thing being it has been awhile since I have shared with you what I have been having for my meals. Truthfully, for the better part of December I really wasn’t eating Paleo. AT. ALL. Only in the last 4 weeks or so have I gotten back on the Paleo wagon again.

**Off topic but wanted give you an update: my autoimmune symptoms have subsided, going on 4 weeks now. Since last Saturday morning my hives are almost gone. Every once in a while will my eyes get puffy and my hands will get hot but, it has definitely gotten better as the days go on. Still on all my meds. I’m hoping I will be able to wean off the Cyclosporine soon. *knock on wood* Everything going well. If you are just joining me here are my past posts I wrote on my autoimmune condition, here, here, here and here

I am linking up with Jenn @ Peas & Crayons with her weekly WIAW series. Don’t forget to head on over to her blog and find out what other bloggers have been munching on.


Without further adieu, some of my favorite new and old paleo eats I have been enjoying lately!

PicMonkey Collagechickensalad

Chicken salad, black olives, paleo deviled eggs and an apple have been my go-to lunches these days.

Chicken salad: shredded chicken + Paleo mayo + Italian parsley

**note: This recipe is the only one I use when making my Paleo mayo http://www.theclothesmakethegirl.com/2010/06/03/the-secret-to-homemade-mayo-patience/. I will never buy store-bought again. The one trick I found that works for me is using a hand wisk, no blender or food processor.


I know I showed you this picture in my last post but, I have been lovin’ these breakfast sweet potatoes. I roast up a batch at the beginning of the week and sauté a portion each morning in some grass-fed butter until they are crispy and browned on the outside and I’m good to go! Here is the link to the recipe I use:http://meatified.com/potato-free-breakfast-potatoes/


I make these chicken tacos (lettuce cups) when I don’t have anything planned for dinner and need a quick meal to put together. Very easy.

Chicken: heat cooked shredded  chicken in chicken stock along with spices of your choice (I used a southwest spice blend from 21DSD book).

Avocado salsa: cube avocado + cilantro (minced) + red onion (thinly sliced) + lime juice + avocado oil

Assemble: Take a large lettuce leaf, scoop the chicken mixture onto lettuce. Pile shredded carrots on top of chicken and the avocado salsa on the very top. Enjoy!

PicMonkey Collagehamburgerwithavocadosalsa

Another favorite easy meal idea: Burgers (sans bun) w/ avocado salsa, sautéed carrots in coconut oil and oven baked sweet potato fries.


Italian Meatballs (Well Fed 2) w/ Zoodles (Well Fed) (zucchini noodles). This was my first time making zoodles and loved how they turned out. These may even take the place of my spaghetti squash.


Crispy smashed chicken w/ salsa roja asada. A new recipe I tried from Nom Nom Paleo’s new book! It is a household favorite already! I made a side of green beans to go with the chicken. The green beans are just sautéed in coconut oil along with bacon, of course.

You have to buy her new book! I have already made several of the recipes and all have turned out really good. If you do one thing today, go out and buy the book.


If I feel we need to have some fish in our diet for the week I make this recipe: Salmon w/ creamy tzatziki sauce and dill carrots (21 DSD cookbook).

Well, that is about all for now. All the recipes I mentioned here are all Paleo-approved and maybe even Whole30-approved but, don’t quote me on that last one.

Have you made any new-to-you recipes lately?

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3 Responses to WIAW #10: New + Old Paleo Eats!

  1. I stopped eating wheat last summer, and since then I have lost my desire for breads. I still crave burgers and it just dawned on me that I can go without the bun like you did 😉

  2. So glad I found this post! Great ideas for new Paleo dishes. Thanks!

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