Paleo Round-up: Super Bowl snacks + a house divided!

Tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday! I’m sure everyone is getting things ready for the big game. Well, tomorrow in our house is actually going to be very quiet and low-key. Why, you ask? Neither of my hubby nor my team is in it so, we could care less who wins. Yes, we are a divided house. It isn’t just sports that we are divided either. One is a Republican and the other a Democrat. Yikes! I know. The rule is in the house we don’t bring it up. Can you guess who is a Republican and who is a Democrat? If you already know us then you can’t answer (sorry!).

Childhood: growing up in a 49er house

I was born and raised a 49er fan (thanks to my Dad). Both my parents are from Northern California. Growing up in the 90’s with a 49er fan in the house. Let’s just say, on 16 Sundays out of the year (and more if they went to the playoffs and super bowl-which happened a lot during that time) our house was very loud, intense and full of excitement. I’m glad my Dad has a strong passion for sports (San Francisco sports!). Once football season was over we had a couple of month break until spring training started and the ridiculously long baseball season began. It was always some type of sport that my Dad watched and still does. I’m glad I grew up in a house where sports was predominant because it was just preparing me for my future husband.

Cleveland fans have it the hardest!

My hubby was born and raised in Cleveland which, makes him a Cleveland sports fan. I don’t know if it was by choice or just geography {I’m sure he will argue that} but, he grew up watching the Browns, Cavaliers and Indians. He is just as big of a sports fan as my Dad. Luckily for me, he is a Cleveland sports fan. I feel for you Cleveland fans, I really do. It is heartbreaking every Sunday, during Football season, watching my hubby have a glimmer of hope in his eyes at the beginning of each game but, then to have that hope taken from him by the 2nd half. sometimes it gets so bad that he turns off the game. You Cleveland fans are always very hopeful.  Beginning of each season, there is excitement, hope and anticipation that maybe just maybe this will be their year. Only to realize by the middle of the season all that is gone and all that is left is 3 hours every Sunday, watching your team blow it week after week.

LeBron: mixed signals?

There was a period where you guys did have hope when LeBron joined the Cavaliers. Those were some good years. Cleveland fans came together thinking maybe he is the answer to finally bringing home a championship to the city. Unfortunately, that all disappeared when LeBron left Cleveland and went to Miami. All that was left was bitterness, anger and betrayal that filled the air in Cleveland. The hatred that Clevelanders felt towards LeBron had changed not too long ago. Now, they are okay with him again. What’s that about Cleveland?!?

Okay didn’t realize I was going to talk that much about sports. Who knew?!? I guess after 30 years of being surrounded by sports I pick up a few things here and there.

Anyways, back to why I really wrote this post. I collected some great Paleo snacks that you can make for your Super Bowl party tomorrow or anytime!



Ultimate Paleo Super Bowl Recipes by The Clothes Make the Girl

Forky Friday: 2014 Paleo Super Bowl Party Edition by Nom Nom Paleo

Guest Post: Marla’s Paleo Super Bowl Menu by Paleo Parents

48 Super Bowl Snacks by PaleOMG

If you don’t want to just sit and stuff your face for 3 hours tomorrow then here is a great workout that you can follow while watching the game. Thanks to Stacey @FontanaFit4Mom for sharing this workout on FB.


Who do you want to win tomorrow?

Do you have a favorite sports team? Which ones?

What sports do you like watching on TV? Which ones do you prefer to actually go to a game and watch?

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6 Responses to Paleo Round-up: Super Bowl snacks + a house divided!

  1. Meghan @ fitnesscrEATures says:

    I am a HUGE Seahawks fan all the way! Since I’m from Seattle, I cheer for those teams more than I do Atlanta’s and this year and last, the Seahawks gave me something to be excited about!!
    I didn’t do anything yesterday in terms of a Superbowl party because i wasn’t feeling well at all so it was just my boyfriend and me watching the game. Though, you might have thought several people were there by how obnoxious I was being… 🙂 I love that Paleo websites put out a bunch of good superbowl snack ideas… That’s super helpful.. I did not eat healthy yesterday at all… Ha! 🙂 Have a good day love!

  2. Love your super bowl challenge! It makes it more fun to have a house divided sometimes, huh? I like a little bit of competition! 🙂

    • Yes I am glad my hubby and I don’t share the same views on everything otherwise it would be pretty boring! I posted on my fb page how many of each exercise I did! There were way too many flags (had to do 150 jumping jacks!) . Yikes!

  3. I’m all about the Patriots and Boston sports teams. I didn’t care who won since my team wasn’t in it, but I really wanted the Seahawks to win and stomp Peyton. I hate those Manning boys. It was such a fun thrashing to watch. I went to bed a happy girl in the third quarter. 😀

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