#MNBChallenge Day 5: FIVE Fitness Favorites

I am currently participating in the Move, Nourish and Believe Challenge which is sponsored by @Lorna Jane and @Fit Approach. I will go into more detail in an upcoming post when I recap the first 5 days of the challenge. Today’s challenge is to list your five fitness favorites, it can be people, things, a quote, whatever gets you moving and motivated.

Here are my Five People/things that motivate me and get me out the door every time:

PicMonkey Collage#1myson

I want to be a positive influence in my son’s life. I want him to grow up in a healthy and active household. He will grow up with both parents being runners. With every Saturday consists of his Daddy getting his long runs in and his Mommy doing her long runs on Sunday. I want him to grow up thinking its normal to go on mini-weekend vacations that are centered around races. I can’t wait until he can run in his very first race!


PicMonkey Collage#2mysupportivehusband

I am very lucky that I married someone who shares the same desire to be active and healthy as I do. He always supports me in whatever new running adventure I want to embark on. When I question myself, sometimes, on whether I can do something or not, my husband always tells me (without hesitation) “You can, no question!”. I think he knows more of what I am capable of then I do. Throughout my marathon training, he was the one that was always reminding me that I can do it and to stop questioning myself. I am grateful that he is by my side, in running and in our journey through life.


PicMonkey Collage#3myrunningshoes

These babies are the reason that I am able to run. It is important to have the right type of shoes. Having the correct shoes can make or break a run.


PicMonkey Collage#4mygarmin

Well, I mean, let’s be honest. I am a runner. I love stats! I love always trying to beat myself. Always wanting to improve my time.


PicMonkey Collage#5trail

This trail is the trail I did all my long runs on during my marathon training. I have run many miles on this trail. Since my marathon has been over, each time I go back to this trail it always brings back memories of the hours and hours I spent, the tears that were shed, the buckets of sweat that poured off my body and  mentally becoming stronger with every mile I ran.

Are you doing the #mnbchallenge?

Who and/or what get you motivated and moving?

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8 Responses to #MNBChallenge Day 5: FIVE Fitness Favorites

  1. Good luck! Love all your motivations. One of mine is def my health, I love the way running makes my body feel:)

  2. Julie says:

    I am so inspired by moms! I take myself on walks seeing those pictures. 🙂 I mean, if it’s good for your child, it’s good for you too!

  3. Bill and I felt the exact same way about being positive fitness role models for our sons. It was so fun watching them run their first obstacle course at a community picnic, then participating in their first triathlon, road races, etc. I loved that, for them, it was just a way to start a Saturday morning. I look forward to when you post about Z’s first race!

    BTW, I just sent you an Instagram follow request.

    • That is wonderful they you both were and are very active and healthy role models to your children (even if they are grown). I hope that as Z gets older he shares the same passion for running as my husband and I do.
      Yay! You are IG! I’ll head on over there now 😃

  4. kelsnsher says:

    Oh man, I don’t have either of the first 2 but I love me my shoes and garmin! I also become really attached to certain trails and they bring back memories every time I run them again

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