Food Prep + Meal Planning: week of 2/9-2/14/14

So, there was some rumblings on my FB last week about wanting some meal ideas. Okay… maybe not rumblings more like a minor stir. Okay. Okay. Not a minor stir just like 2 people who were asking. Same thing, same thing. Come to find out they didn’t actually want meal ideas they really wanted me to make the actual meals and call them when dinner was ready so they could come pick it up. I was very close to offering but, then quickly came to my senses and realized if I offered once then they would show up at my door step every night for dinner. {love you girls} This prompted me to start back up on my food prep/meal planning posts. You can thank those 2 people for getting the ball rolling again.

Truthfully, I haven’t been that good at doing my food prep and planning lately. I will start doing the prep on Sunday afternoon and come Wednesday I am still working on prepping. Writing up these food prep posts for this blog actually really help me get motivated to get all my prep and planning for the week all done over the weekend so, I’m not dragging it out all week which really just defeats the purpose of food prep.

So, without further adieu here it is! I actually provided you my shopping list for the week so you can make all the meals I put on my menu!

Meal planning and food prep for week of: 2/9-2/14/14

Shopping List:

  • {1 head} Cauliflower (Sprouts)
  • {2 bunches} bananas (Costco)
  • {3-4 dz} eggs (Costco)
  • Ground beef (Costco)
  • {1-10lb bag} sweet potatoes (Costco)
  • {1 lb} baby carrots (Sprouts)
  • { 2 bunches} cilantro (Sprouts)
  • {12 oz} cremini mushrooms (Sprouts}
  • {2 bunches} green onions/scallions (Sprouts)
  • {3-4} lemons (Sprouts)
  • {3-(5oz)} albacore tuna (canned in H2O) (Sprouts)
  • {1 ½ lbs} wild sockeye salmon (canned) (Sprouts)
  • ½ & ½ (Sprouts)
  • { 1 lb} bacon (sprouts)
  • {1 bunch} Leeks (Sprouts)
  • {2-3 crowns} broccoli
  • {1 bunch} Italian Parsley (Sprouts)
  • {4-5} yellow onions (Sprouts)
  • {1 lb} ground pork (Sprouts)
  • fresh basil (Sprouts)
  • fresh mint (Sprouts)


  • Coconut oil (Costco)gheeandbutter
  • Almond butter/sunflower seed butter (Costco/Sprouts)
  • Raw cacao powder (Sprouts)
  • Organic ghee and/or grass-fed butter (Sprouts)
  • Light olive oil (Target)
  • Raw macadamia nuts (Sprouts)
  • coconut aminos (Sprouts)
  • fresh ginger (Sprouts)

Misc items you will need to make the bone broth and Loco Moco:

Farm Fresh to You Delivery:

  • {2 cnt} kiwiPicMonkey Collagefarmfreshtoyoudel
  • {1 cnt} Eureka Lemon
  • {3 cnt} apples
  • {1 bunch} broccoli
  • {1 bunch} carrots
  • {1 bunch} red radishes
  • {1 cnt} butter lettuce
  • {1 cnt} red leaf lettuce
  • Extra item:  1 dz. Organic brown eggs

Food Prep:

Menu for the week:


  1. breakfast sweet potatoes (Meatified) + scrambled eggs
  2.  Breakfast sweet potatoes + pork sliders (haven’t come up with the recipe yet)


  1. Spicy tuna cakes (Nom Nom Paleo) + hb eggs + raw veggies w/dip
  2. Leftovers from previous nights’ dinner.


  1. Salmon cakes (Nom Nom Paleo) w/ tarter sauce (Well Fed 2) + Asian fried “rice” (Nom Nom Paleo) + cumin-roasted carrot coins (The Clothes Make the Girl)
  2. Big-O burgers (Nom Nom Paleo) + breakfast sweet potatoes
  3. Loco Moco (Nom Nom Paleo) + broccoli side


  1. Hb eggs + olives
  2. Pistachios
  3. Frozen banana treat


  1.  Paleo mayo (Well Fed 2 )
  2. Bone broth (Nom Nom Paleo)
  3. Paleo ranch dressing ( Nom Nom Paleo)

**Disclaimer: This is NOT all the food I will eat this week. I do still have my “specialty” coffee drinks, some chocolate  and whatever else I decide to scarf down 🙂

Can you tell I bought a new Paleo cookbook? I love Michelle Tam’s new cookbook, “Nom Nom Paleo”!! You can also buy her iPad app that features many recipes that you can’t find on her blog.


I am not a fan of mushrooms. I actually have never cooked with nor bought mushrooms, mushroompicmyself, until NOW. Yes, that’s right I have never purchased mushrooms. My family is not a mushroom household. We run from it like it is the plague. As mentioned above, I bought a new paleo cookbook and saw a couple of recipes in it that required mushrooms. I was feeling adventurous, wanted to live a little outside my comfort zone so, I decided to give it a go! Let me tell you, this burger was hands down the best hamburger I have ever eaten and/or made. I am not just exaggerating. This hamburger is called “The Big-O” burger, named after one of the author’s sons. With only ground beef, mushrooms and bacon as the ingredients, the burger explodes with the rich Umami flavor from the mushrooms and the smoky-ness from the bacon. This burger makes a great simple and easy meal yet doesn’t fall short of flavor. I wrapped mine in butter leaf lettuce, caramelized onions, pickled carrots (from last week) and my paleo mayo. Yum!

Big-O burger

Non-paleo relatedsuperbowlspread

I had posted a picture on Instagram on of our Super Bowl spread and sadly it was not all Paleo food. I know I know! So sue me! Per my hubby’s request he wanted me to make my homemade pretzel bites and I found a new recipe to try, sausage & pepperoni pizza puffs. Both went over very well, per Z and my hubby. You can find the soft pretzel bites recipe here. Sausage and pepperoni pizza puffs recipe here.

Do you do any food prep at the beginning of each week?

What is on your menu for the week? Any good recipes?

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  1. When I grow up, I want to be as organized as you are (says the woman twice your age)! 🙂 If I lived closer, I would totally jump on the “Lindsey, please make dinner for me band wagon!”

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