Food Prep + Meal Planning week of: 2/23-2/28/14

I spent literally all afternoon yesterday cooking food for the week. I knew if I didn’t do all the prep in one day it wouldn’t get done and by the end of the week I would not have any food prepped and end up being elbows deep in a Chipotle burrito. Yes that happened! Don’t worry, by the 3rd or 4th bite I was already paying for it because I had instant heartburn and some other digestive issues that I will spare you the details. I learned my lesson very quickly. In conclusion, spend the three hours in the kitchen on a Sunday afternoon to avoid a whole Friday evening feeling miserable.


Staples I already have:

  • almond butter {Barney Butter}
  • raw honey (Sprouts)
  • ground beef (Sprouts)
  • salmon (Sprouts)
  • garlic


1. How to make homemade paleo mayo

2. Recipe for my mother-in-law’s roasted veggie dish (recipe below)

3. How to sweat zucchini noodles


Recipe Alert!

Marlene’s roasted veggies:

  • Peel and chop your favorite root/tubular veggies (red beets/sweet potatoes/carrots/etc)
  • quarter chop a medium red onion
  • spread veggies out onto a foil lined baking sheet
  • sprinkle dried/fresh rosemary over and drizzle with olive oil until all veggies are thoroughly coated.
  • cover with foil
  • place in oven for 60-70 minutes—check and stir at 20 minute intervals until all veggies are fork tender.
  • Enjoy!

***This recipe is courtesy of my mother-in-law. She was the one that actually introduced me to beets and this is my favorite roasted veggie recipe.


1. Peruvian roast chicken from Nom Nom Paleo’s book!

2. Italian meatballs recipe


  • hard-boiled eggs + black olives
  • slow cooker applesauce
  • Elvis cookies (PaleOMG)
  • apple + almond butter
  • pistachios
  • frozen banana treat {sliced bananas + any nut/seed butter + raw macadamia nut + chocolate sauce (melt coconut oil w/ raw cacao powder) drizzled on top= place in freezer until desired firmness!}

So, I may have become a bit obsessed with some graphic/photo editing sites. I may or may not have spent more time on these damn graphics in this post than the actual content. So, humor me and tell me you at least noticed my amazing graphics 🙂 It also doesn’t help my obsession that Lea from Running with Ollie told her readers about another “new-to-me” site called Canva. These editing sites are dangerous, I could literally spend hours and hours on them.

Be on the look out for many more fun graphics in my posts!

What is on your menu this week?

What sites/apps do you use for blogging/editing/photos/etc.?

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11 Responses to Food Prep + Meal Planning week of: 2/23-2/28/14

  1. Marlene says:

    You will have to send me your applesauce recipe. I like mine chunky!

  2. This is fabulous work. I prepped all day yesterday as well it’s exhausting but so worth it.

  3. Meg says:

    Love the graphics! 😉

    We don’t have anything planned for the menu this week. My husband is in his last few weeks of coaching hockey and won’t be home for dinner at all this week. I’ve been really bad and just snacking mostly on easy things. Lots of PB&J for me. I do have a decent BLT on run days after my run. I have to cook up the bacon before I go out through. When I get back I’m too hungry to wait for it to cook.

    I use PicMonkey for the majority of my easy photo editing. I have the royal membership which is pretty inexpensive. But I like that site a lot!

    • I use PicMonkey too for majority of my graphics/editing but don’t have the royal membership yet. I had been thinking of upgrading to the royal but didn’t know if it was worth the money. Do you think it is worth upgrading? Thank you for reading!

      • Meg says:

        I do. But I used to have the premium membership when Picnik was still around. (The creators of Picnik created PicMonkey after Google bought and then subsequently shutdown Picnik). I suppose it’s. It necessary, but if you do a lot of photo editing, I’d say it’s worth it

      • Ok great! Thanx for your feedback!

  4. Yum, everything looks really delicious!! I wish I could prep for the week like you…it certainly saves a lot of time! I am still in the midst of planning dinners this week…normally I do it on Sunday but I’m all off schedule this week.

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