Saturday weekly round-up series #1

Editor’s note: Okay Folks! Pretend that you are reading this post like it was yesterday, Saturday. Okay? I had every intention of finishing it up yesterday but, life happened and here we are.

You may now proceed! Happy Saturday 🙂

Hi again!

Thought you could get rid me of that fast? Ha! You can’t shake me that quickly. I swear I have so many ideas for blog posts/series but, just not enough time to do it all in. In the past couple weeks I have come across some new items, products, sites, blogs, articles, etc and want to share all my new-to-me finds with you. I know last summer I had a series “Saturday weekly review” mainly to summarize each week in my marathon training but, this series is going to be different. Each week I will gather all the cool finds I discover through out the week and round-up them up all in one post for you each Saturday.

I’m trying to come up with a more clever name for this series but, this was the best I could do. I know, real creative 🙂 Any ideas?

weekly round-up series #1 #onemotherofaday

spring nail colors by OPI



1.} {New nail polish} Spring has sprung! Since I was at Target I had to make a quick stop in the nail polish section since that’s the rule when you are at Target.

{the lavender color: “Do you lilac it?”

pink: “Shorts Story”}




2. {New editing/graphics site}  Canva {} I use the FREE version and I still have tons of choices when picking out different graphics for blog documents, social media docs, posters, etc. I can literally spend hours on this site.



3 {New coffee machine} NESPRESSO. Need I say more?!? I finally broke down and nespresso "U"bought one! I had been contemplating buying some sort of espresso machine but, didn’t want to spend $1,000’s of dollars. Obviously, if I could I would buy a real deal espresso machines that cost like 5K but, the NESPRESSO is the next best thing in my opinion. It does NOT take the place of my regular brewed coffee. I still have my morning brewed coffee but, this machine is for my afternoon coffee time. This machine is not comparable to the Keurig or other single serve coffee machines. The NESPRESSO works more like an espresso machine where each “capsule” is like a single shot of espresso. You  can pick the size of the “espresso” shot and they offer 21 different varieties. I bought the NESPRESSO “U” bundle {that included the Aeroccino–milk frother}, it is one of the cheaper of the NESPRESSO machines but, it does what I want it to do. Have I convinced you yet? I take my coffee very seriously! In my younger years I was a Barista for 7+ years. More on that in a later post.



4. {Toddler approved} Happy Veggie plate. I found myself at Target today. Of course, going for only a few things and this cute plate was one of things I found and HAD TO HAVE! I swear Target has like a vortex in the center of the store that sucks you in and spits you out, one hour later and $100 less in your wallet. When I was getting my lunch together today I was jealous of Z’s new plate so I thought, “Who says it’s only for kids?!?”. Don’t tell Z I “borrowed” his plate.

Target veggie plateTarget veggie plate









5. {New-to-me Blog} A Mommy’s Life with a Touch of Yellow – Whitney’s blog is so adorable! She is a wife, stay-at-home-mommy, athlete, blogger, crafter, etc the list goes on and on. She also posts some great “at-home” CrossFit workouts. I think I have pinned them all. I swear one of these days I will actually do one of them. 🙂

Did you miss my last post? No need to worry, you can go here to find out all the challenges going on in March!

What are your new-to-you finds this week?

side note: I am not planning on posting my food prep/menu planning for the week. I am still doing all my food prep etc but, just trying to spend some time putting together new posts for this week. I am trying to get all organized. We will see how that goes.

If you need some (Paleo) food prep and (Paleo) menu ideas go to the following posts: here, here, here or here.

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4 Responses to Saturday weekly round-up series #1

  1. Omg! I NEED that NESPRESSO machine in my life! Maybe I can convince the hubby to get it for me for Mother’s Day! 🙂

  2. Meghan @ fitnesscrEATures says:

    Girl, someone in my office has a nespresso and I am in love with it! Thankfully I can use it when I need it because mama can’t fork over that kind of money any time soon! But it is definitely amazing and so much better than a cup of coffee!! I’m checking out this canva site because I am obsessed with graphics and photo stuff so sign me up! 🙂 That plate is super cute! 🙂

    • Well normally the amount for a Nespresso is too much for me too but I got $100 off for Presidents’ Day sale plus I had gift cards leftover for Macy’s from years ago so I ended up only paying $50 out of pocket. Win win for me! That is nice your coworker lets you use it! Just be careful with the Canva site you can literally spend hours on it !

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