Friday Five: Spring Forward Edition!

In only a couple of weeks it will be Spring. This weekend we will change the clocks forward an hour! Yay! Usually I am not that excited about this time change due to “losing an hour” sleep but, this year is different. Read more to find out the reasons.

I’m finally linking-up on a Friday Five series with Courtney from Eat Pray Run DC, Mar  @Mar on the run, Cynthia from You signed up for what? Every Friday they host a link-up on their blogs’ and pick a theme at the beginning of the week that you can create a post around that theme. Surprisingly, I got organized and am getting this post out on time. Some what. Maybe a little late in the day but, still counts.

Friday Five


These are the 5 things I am looking forward to this Spring:

1. {More outside time} This mostly affects Z. Usually in the afternoon after his nap there is only about an hour or so left of daylight so, our outside time is very limited. It will be nice that starting this Sunday evening we can be outside after dinner and not be confined to inside the house. I can’t be outside when it gets dark because the mosquitos love me! I don’t know why but I can literally see them surround me as the sun is setting in the evening and that usually ends outside time for Z.

2. {Time Change} This also correlates with #1. Ever since Z was about 3 months old he has slept through the night. He goes to sleep at a reasonable time {8 pm}, takes a 3-hour nap in the afternoon and wakes up at a reasonable time in the morning {7 am} until this week! zupearlyOMG! This guy has woken up before 6 am all this week. In the last 2 days each morning was earlier and earlier. This morning was the earliest. 4:57. Yes that is A.M. people. I can’t ignore him, in the hopes he will go back to sleep because his new thing these days is that he can reach the handle to his door from his crib and now likes to yell “MA! MAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! MOM! MOMMMYYYYYY!” until I come get him. So, I am hopping with this time change that this means he will sleep in until at least 6 am (if he now wakes up at 5), right?! I don’t know. I am still a little confused on how that all works. My hubby and I had a discussion on it and see don’t quite understand the whole thing so we will see on Sunday morning when Z wakes up.

3. {Warmer weather} Oh, wait I live in Southern California we are already having nice 80 degree weather. Truthfully, we didn’t even have a Winter. We are technically in a drought. Last weekend was the only time we have had a good amount of rain {for our area}. Last Friday and Saturday rained pretty much all 2 days. There was a small break in the rain, Friday afternoon where we immediately went outside to play. I was dying! Let me tell you it was pretty rough! I don’t know how you guys on the east coast/mid-west live in the weather you do. I could never handle 4 seasons! I like our 2 seasons: Spring and Summer!

picofzrunning rainpicture










4. {8th Half Marathon- O.C. Half Marathon 2014 (May)} I haven’t registered for this race but, will decide this weekend. This is the race I ran last year in memory of my Uncle. Also, ochalf2013three years ago at this race was when I was 6 weeks pregnant (didn’t know at the time) and the same day this same Uncle had passed. I was thinking of him and had goose bumps throughout the race but, didn’t know he had actually passed until the following morning. This race over the last 3 years has become very special and an emotional one for me and important that as long as I am physically able to run it every year, I will.

5. YOUR TURN!! Tell me what you are most looking forward to this Spring! Leave answer in comments!

Don’t forget to head on over to the 3 blogs that are hosting this link-up I am participating in today!! I have found some great new-to-me blogs because of this link-up!

Runners: Is there a special race that you ran every year for someone?

Have you had a Winter where you live? Or how has the weather been lately?

If you have young children, when do they normally wake up in the morning?

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11 Responses to Friday Five: Spring Forward Edition!

  1. I am most looking forward to being able to take a walk with Bill after dinner since it won’t be dark yet! I’m also looking forward to the weather turning warmer here on the east coast! 🙂

    • I don’t know how you guys do it out there in having those cold/snowy Winters but, I imagine people get used to any type of weather and just have to deal with it. Cheers to having more daylight in the evening !

  2. i’m looking forward to flip flops and eating outside and shorts and SO MANY amazing spring things 🙂 thanks for linking up!

  3. I am definitely looking forward to more time outside ( in warm weather of course)!

    I hope you get to sleep in tomorrow! 🙂

  4. I hear ya on the kid wake-up times – my middle child used to wake up at 5am and I loved the spring forward time when it was really 6am. I like to think he was always on the “new time” all winter and we just had to catch up with him. 🙂

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  6. Amanda H says:

    I can’t wait for more sunshine too! I just moved to Santa Barbara from DC and am pretty glad to have missed the crazy winter the East Coast has been having and not including “above freezing weather” and “melting snow” on my Spring list 🙂

    • Oh yes you moved just in time! I bet Santa Barbara has gorgeous weather in Spring! I live about an hour east of Los Angeles and it can get pretty hot out here but am thankful for the great weather we have been having!

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