Weekly Round-up #2: local race + kids blogs + new coffee app!

I’m back with my 2nd post in my weekly roundup series! Let’s hope I actually get this post finished and posted today. That is the goal anyways! This week’s finds consists of a bit of everything: new app, kid blogs, local race and Instagram!

weekly round up series #2 #onemotherofaday


{Blogs to follow on Pinterest}

The TinkerLab, The Imagination Tree and Peanut Blossom. I have been following them on Facebook but, recently started following them on Pinterest. I have spent hours and hours this week on their Pinterest sites! Their blogs are centered around kids (all ages), family, organization, crafts (kids/adults), learning activities for kids, meal ideas for toddlers, etc. I have gotten some good meal ideas for Z this coming week. I am also going to try some new-to-me learning activities for Z this week, as well. I will let you know how it goes. Don’t forget to check out some of my Pinterest boards while you are over there. I have whole boards dedicated to: meal/snack ideas for toddlers, learning activities for Z (toddler), every holiday that includes recipes, crafts, activities; just to name a few.


{New app for iPhone}

UP Coffee. This app, based on the caffeine you in put, will determine when you will  be UP Coffee appready to go to bed. They base your target bed time on your height, weight, the amount of caffeine you log and caffeine sensitivity. If you already own the Jawbone UP (fitness/sleep tracker) this app will sync to your UP band on your iPhone. Don’t worry if you don’t have an UP band, the app will still use the information you input to tell you what time is the best time for sleep. If you DO have the UP band then this app is really cool! They use the information from the sleep tracker on the UP band and combine that with the amount of caffeine you input on the UP Coffee app to compute the best time to go to bed.

{Local race event}

Little Heart Warriors 5k/1k. Well this isn’t a new-to-me race but, it is a very special race that I participated in this morning. This was their 3rd annual race and I am happy to say that I have run it all 3 years! This event is very special to me and it benefits a great cause. This race technically isn’t a full 3.1 miles but, the distance doesn’t matter. If this event were 6.2, 13.1, 26.2, 30+ miles, what ever the  distance I would run it. Okay maybe not 30+ miles but, I would seriously consider it. This is the one race that I will run every year that they have it. (read my recap from last year’s Little Heart Warrior’s race here)

“Little Heart Warriors events will donate the proceeds to families at Loma Linda Children’s Hospital’s Paediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Unit. LLUCH’s mission is to continue the healting ministry of Christ, focusing on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs of children and their families…. With 40,000 CHD babies born each year, CHD is the #1 birth defect in the United States.

To provide support both financial and emotional, for families of children diagnosed with a congenital heart defect, and pediatric patients in need of a heart transplant. Our goal is to provide assistance to families with extra costs incurred while caring for their affected child. These costs include but are not limited to: travel expenses to and from medical facilities, food expenses while away from home, along with care and lodging expenses while receiving care.”

Little Heart Warriors website


Oh yeah and Z crossed his 1st finish line this morning! Unofficially but, still counts! My hubby got him out of the stroller with about 1/10th of a mile left and he ran the rest of the way. He loved hearing the crowd cheer! I can’t wait until we can sign him up for his first race! He could easily run a 1K now, probably longer than that!






{Most “LIKED” photo on Instagram}

most liked IG post

Yes, this is what you are missing if you don’t follow me on Instagram! Apparently, people on Instagram love seeing pictures of my messy living room. I posted a picture earlier in the week of my living room. It was part of the #zoomaphotoaday challenge and that particular day the photo prompt was ART. I may just start posting more pictures of my house, the kitchen, our upstairs loft area, etc. they seem to be the winners on IG.


What new-to-you finds do you have for this week? Apps? recipes? anything? What are you currently obsessed with pinning on Pinterest right now?

Since I got a good response back from yesterday’s post when I shared 5 things I am looking forward to this Spring and had #5 be your answer, I am trying that again!

Don’t forget to follow me!!!





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4 Responses to Weekly Round-up #2: local race + kids blogs + new coffee app!

  1. Karen says:

    I have never been on Pinterest lol People at work talk about it constantly, maybe i need to log on. Honestly, I can hardly keep up with all the social media already…blogs, email, twitter, facebook. Ahhhh! Love the picture! Clearly Z’s little sanctuary 🙂

    • I know there’s so much to keep up with. PInterest is really dangerous because you could literally be on there for hours and not even know it. I do get some great recipe ideas/activities crafts etc from there and I like that they are all in one central location.

  2. I think seeing another person’s messy house makes people not feel alone in their messes. It makes you appear real! And anyone with children knows that a child can turn a room from neat and tidy to a huge mess in no time! 🙂

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