Monday Food prep + meal planning: week of 3/23-3/28/14

Hi All!

I know I am sporadic when it comes to my food prep posts. I swear I still do my weekly food prep even if I don’t post one on here. I promise.

After last week, I’m hoping this week is much better. With Z and me both being sick, it was a lonnggggg week. Having to chaise Z down multiple times a day to wipe his nose or give him his medicine was not my idea of a good time! By the end of the week, when Z would hear me grab a tissue he would go running. It was a cat and mouse game every time. Let’s hope this was the last time we both get sick for a lonnnnng time. One can dream, right?!?

food prep meal planning paleo


Yesterday I was on a mission to get all my food prep done. I am determined to make this week a great one!

Let’s get started!!

Food Prep:

  • Paleo mayo (The Clothes Make the Girl)paleo food prep
  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • roasted beets
  • sautéed carrots + broccoli (w/ coconut oil and sliced shallots)
  • boil chicken breasts
  • rinse black olives
  • make buttermints (Empowered Sustenance) Haven’t made these yet but will today!


Breakfast ideas:

  • roasted beets + eggs + avocado (100% Paleo)

Lunch ideas:

  • Burrito Bowl (FitSugar) {I’m going to try to eat rice and beans with this and see how I feel} NOT 100% Paleo
  • salame + cheese + olives + hb eggs + fruit (Primal due to the cheese)
  • leftovers from dinner

Dinner ideas (100% Paleo):

  • Peruvian Roast Chicken (Nom Nom Paleo-book) {I swear I am going to finally make this!}
  • Big-O Burger (Nom Nom Paleo) w/ sautéed broccoli + carrots
  • Brinner {breakfast for dinner}

Sides (100% Paleo):

  • sautéed broccoli and carrots w/ coconut oil/shallots
  • pistachio and apple salad (Nom Nom Paleo)
  • side salad {haven’t determined what kind}

Snacks/treats (100% Paleo):

Sorry, no cool graphics in this post! I didn’t have hours to spend on Pic Monkey for this post. I literally spend more time creating my graphics for each post then the actual content.

Need more meal planning ideas?

Check out all my posts in the “Sunday Food Prep” category on the blog, HERE!


Do you meal plan every week? What’s on the menu?

Are you following me?





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12 Responses to Monday Food prep + meal planning: week of 3/23-3/28/14

  1. Kimberly Morganstern says:

    For the last couple of weeks, I’ve made many variations for Paleo Egg Muffins. It’s perfect for breakfast and even for a grab and go snack!

  2. Welcome to Mommyhood says:

    Your meals sound so nice! I love the idea of roasted beets for breakfast! I’ll have to try that tomorrow! It’s great that you are able to prep your meals – I can never get around to it. In fact, by Sunday, I am usually so tired of cooking all week so the Hubby makes dinner.

    I do meal plan every week, but I don’t always stick to it. My plan is usually meant to give me a good idea of what we have and to stick to a specific grocery list so I don’t over buy, but I do end up veering away from it a few times.

    • Oh yeah, even with my food prep and meal planning every week we don’t always stick to it either. Things come up or someone gets sick or life happens etc. it does help me not to have to go to the store every other day though.

  3. supersmartmama says:

    I love this approach to meal planning: instead of declaring each day, just grouping a bunch of ideas to allow yourself some flexibility in the week. I may have to try this. (I’m a roasted beet fan myself!)

    • Yes, I don’t like to assign a meal for a specific day, it all just depends on what I feel like making at the time. Aren’t roasted beets delicious?!?!

      • supersmartmama says:

        Roasted beets are delicious but more importantly, they are EASY to make. Yay for roasted veggies in general.

  4. Meghan @ fitnesscrEATures says:

    I can imagine food prep posts take a lot of time to put together in so many ways – all the food, pictures, graphics – yep, wow. I am tired thinking about all that work. I struggle with just plain regular content lol!
    I love NomNom paleo’s mashed potatoes (cauliflower). They are heavenly and my boyfriend has me make them for him all the time. In terms of meal prepping, I do a terrible job. 😦 I need to get better.

  5. Ooh! Definitely want to try the beets + eggs + avocado for breakfast! And I agree 100% about spending more time on graphics vs. content – it’s frustrating 🙂

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