Twenty (non-candy) Easter basket ideas for Toddlers!

Twenty non-candy easter basket ideas for toddlers

Yes, I know there are about one hundred and one of these types of posts circulating the world-wide web around this time of the year. But, I wanted to come up with my list of ideas!

Don’t get wrong, there will be some candy/chocolates in my son’s Easter basket this year or at least that’s what I hear that the Easter Bunny is going to bring. Those are only rumors, so we will see if the rumors are true, come Easter morning.

Okay, enough of my ramblings….Here is the list:


Twenty non-candy easter basket ideas for toddlers


  1. Fun stickers ($1 bin at Target)
  2. chalk (found chick shaped chalk at the $1 bin at Target)
  3. crayons (so Z can break them into little pieces and peel off all the wrappers! Ugh!)
  4. bubbles (I bought an automatic bubble maker at Target)
  5. Spring-inspired plate and bowl (Target-can you sense a theme of where I do most of my shopping?!?)
  6. coloring books ($1 bin Target)
  7. Easter-themed books (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse–on sale Target $4)
  8. Happy Easter, Mouse! book (gotta have a Mouse book for each holiday, right?)
  9. puzzles (found foam ones, easy for the little ones to grab)
  10. Favorite (non-candy) snack (Z’s are teddy grahams and Cherrios)
  11. Favorite Movie that they don’t have yet (Z is obsessed with all things Dust from the Planes movie)
  12. New ball (Target less than $3)
  13. (recycled) Toy or book (we rotate Z’s toys/books so he forgets about them and when we bring them out again he thinks it is a brand new toy/book) WIN-WIN!
  14. matchbox cars
  15. homemade coupons, they can use to redeem (extra outside playtime, get to stay up an extra 10 minutes at night, trip to Starbucks to get a treat,etc.)
  16. Measuring  cups and spoons (plastic)
  17. play dough and spring-inspired cookie cutters
  18. personalized mini photo album (buy cheap small album-put photos of your kiddos and/or favorite animals, things, etc) (Z loves flipping through our albums and looking through all the photos)
  19. Favorite fruit (avocado, banana, apple, oranges, etc) (any fruit that doesn’t need to be refrigerated)
  20. plain old plastic Easter eggs (can make a game out of them-have them collect all the yellow “ones”, blue “ones”, etc)

Shh! Don’t show this to Z! Keep this just between us 🙂

Hope everyone has a very happy Easter!

Does the Easter bunny come to your house?

Growing up, did your family have any traditions for Easter?

twenty non-candy easter basket ideas for toddlers

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13 Responses to Twenty (non-candy) Easter basket ideas for Toddlers!

  1. sarahdudek80 says:

    This is funny because I just raided Duane Reade’s Easter section and Rock and I are sitting here eating Easter candy. They were almost out so we HAD to do it. I always loved Easter as a kid. Still do.

  2. Such great ideas instead of giving them a ton of chocolate or candy!
    And I love that you recycle some of his books and toys- brilliant!

  3. Last year I put a dark chocolate bunny and a bag of avocados in my son’s basket. 🙂 And yes, even though they are 24 and 26, the Easter Bunny still comes to see them! I gave up sweets for Lent so I will be ready for a cannoli for dessert on Easter!

  4. I was just thinking about this last week when I was buying chocolate eggs and a few chocolate bunnies. My almost-three-year-old is completely obsessed with the baskets I have up in the corners of the kitchen (Easter decorations) because he has since learned there are chocolate eggs in all of them!! I am going to swap out for non-candy next year!

  5. We do a little candy but mostly fun seasonal things. I find most of my basket things from the Target dollar section too! I’m excited about the gardening tools and bug boxes that I found there this year. Happy Easter!

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