Toddler Tuesday: Coffee and play-date + {Paleo} mini pumpkin pie recipe!

Welcome to my 2nd post in the “Toddler Tuesday” series! If you missed the first one on starting a garden with your toddler, you can check it out HERE!

Toddler Tuesday: Coffee and play date

Almost a month ago I hosted my very first coffee/play date with the mamas from my mommy-workout group (Fit4Mom). It was a lot of work, leading up to it, mainly because my house was a total disaster and spent the days prior cleaning the whole bottom floor! I don’t think I have ever cleaned that much in such a short period of time, in my whole life! I am not a fan of cleaning and could find a million other things to do other than clean the house. I even took before and after photos of the rooms just so I can see how messy it was, but looking at the pictures it’s hard to tell that there is a difference. Oh well, at least I know it is cleaner now. toddler tuesday coffee and play date

The 2nd floor is a completely different story. I basically moved everything from the bottom floor to the top floor bedrooms and loft area. That’s how it normally works right?!? Hosting the play date at my house gave me the motivation to actually clean the house which is always a good thing.

Toddler Tuesday: Coffee + play date

So, back to the actual play date festivals and enough about me wining about the fact that I actually had to pick up a mop and clean something for once.

What started as a simple play date with the moms coming over to try out my new NESPRESSO machine and the kiddos coming over to play, turned into me putting out a few more goodies for the mamas and kiddos to munch on after their morning workout. A week prior to the play date I was just going to have them over for coffee, than I added a couple Paleo treats and the day or two before I was adding cheese, crackers, goldfish, Cheerios and fruit. I figured after a workout everyone would be hungry and wouldn’t just want a cup of coffee. I really enjoyed getting everything together, planning out the menu, and then waiting for everyone to arrive.

There were roughly 15 kids and 10 moms that attended. It was the most number of people that have ever been in my house at one time. It was wonderful to hear the kids playing and the moms chatting. The noise level definitely went up, once everyone arrived.

I thought the play date was a complete success! All the moms enjoyed the coffee. The kiddos playing with all Z’s toys which I’m sure if you asked Z about the whole situation he wasn’t too much of a fan of that part. He is not used to having to share his toys with other kids, so it was a good learning experience for him. Overall I think he did pretty good given the circumstances.

Now back to the food part….


Play date menu:

Toddler Tuesday: coffee and play date #toddlertuesday

Paleo Elvis “peanut butter” cookies (PaleOMG)

Paleo mini pumpkin pie (adapted from Life made full) {See recipe below}

fresh fruit-blueberries and strawberries

goldfish and cherrios (for the little ones)

cheese and crackers

Toddler Tuesday coffee and playdate #toddlertuesday

Coffee menu:

NESPRESSO machine + capsules

Caramel and hazelnut syrup

half and half

whole milk + 2% milk

So, I have been promising everyone that I would get the Paleo mini pumpkin pie recipe up on the blog and finally today is that day. My Mom is actually the one that first made this recipe from Life Made Full’s blog. After several tries and modifications, she finally got the texture, flavor that she was looking for. When I tasted her final product I knew that I had to make these for the play date. I also made a couple of modifications from my Mom’s recipe. I added some raw cacao powder to the crust and made them into mini-muffin size pies. I figured it would be easier for the kiddos and moms to grab and eat.

Here it is after multiple modifications from the original recipe:

picmonkey collage pumpkin pie pastry crust


picmonkey collage pie filling and assemble

***note**** the oven temp needs to be at 325 NOT 350. I didn’t want to go back and edit the graphic just for that one correction.

So, that is all about my first hosting of a coffee/play date! I know normally a play date doesn’t center around coffee, but please, I couldn’t not have coffee! It is a part of me!

Have you hosted a play date recently? How many kids/moms were there?

What type of food did you offer?

Who is going to try the Elvis cookies and mini pumpkin pie recipes?

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12 Responses to Toddler Tuesday: Coffee and play-date + {Paleo} mini pumpkin pie recipe!

  1. sarahdudek80 says:

    This sounds like such a fun and delicious time!

  2. Fun idea! Good excuse to clean the house. When we have parties, I shove everything in closets and hope no one opens them!

  3. What a fun play date. The food all looks delicious! Are you guys going to keep this up and rotate to other houses occasionally?

    • We have play dates in some form every week whether it is crafts, field trips, play dates at another mom’s house, pot lucks, etc. I loved hosting this play date, it was so fun! I may have to offer up my house again just so I can keep my house clean 😄

  4. I am part of a local moms club and when my kids were younger we did something similar. At the time it was an infant playgroup and we rotated houses every week. We called them playdates but the moms needed adult time just as much as the kids needed playtime!

  5. Annie Brees says:

    What a cute idea. So this is odd but is that a crate and barrel christmas coffee mug in the picture of your table? If so I have the same one and use it year round. If not…well… then I don’t keep christmas stuff out year round 😉

  6. “***note**** the oven temp needs to be at 325 NOT 350. I didn’t want to go back and edit the graphic just for that one correction.” This line alone means that we should be friends!!

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