Whole30 week 1: food prep and meal planning

One mother of a Day whole30 week 1 food prep

Welcome to week 1 of the Whole30!

I’m  getting this out a little early because I will be running my 8th half marathon on Sunday (tomorrow!) and won’t be able to get to a computer in the next couple days. Once I tried writing a post on my iPhone and it took way too long to put together. Never do that again unless it’s a super short post. Have you ever written a post using your phone?

Okay, let’s get to it! As mentioned in my last post, you need to start a couple of days prior to Day 1 in planning out your meals, prepping the food and making a trip to the grocery store so, when day 1 comes you will be ready to take it on!

There will be no shopping list for this week. I am not going to have enough time. The shopping list was a long one, but that was mainly because I included many of the staples that I always keep in the kitchen.

Here is a quick look into week 1 of the Whole30 food prep and meal planning edition:

Food Prep:



sweet potato hash w/ fried eggs + avocado {Nom Nom Paleo}

veggie omelet (whatever you want to put in it–mushrooms, bell peppers, onions)



use leftovers from dinner the night before

oven-fried salmon cakes (Well Fed 2- The Clothes Make the Girl)

note*** this is not the same recipe that I have in her book but the only one that I could find that is similar. You may just have to buy her book! As well as her first book, Well Fed.



Moo Shu Pork (or chicken–>>this is what I’m using) (Well Fed 2) {this recipe not on her blog} Here is where you can buy her book—->>>>>AMAZON!!!

Plantain tostada w/ cilantro lime chicken (Zen Belly)

Taco salad w/ creamy cilantro lime dressing (Living Loving Paleo)


Snack ideas:

Hard-boiled eggs w/ paleo mayo + raw carrots

tuna salad on a bell pepper half

paleo-approved lunch meats (Applegate) wrapped around a dill pickle

cooked chicken w/ black olives + raw veggies


Misc items:

Bone broth (to drink)


Need new ideas on how to spruce up eggs? Check out Melissa from The Clothes make the Girl’s post on 10 ways to spruce up eggs, here.

This is on a completely separate topic, but did you notice a new badge on my blog? No? Well let me point it out to you than!

As of yesterday I am now an affiliate for Formulx!! I am super excited! I discovered this company over a month ago through Juli’s PaleOMG blog. I went on their site and ordered my first tub of their protein powder. I talked about them briefly in this post, here. So, you are wondering what this means for you as my readers? Well, since you already visit my blog now you don’t have to search around for a new protein powder to try. I have made it easy for you to click on my affiliate link on the main page of my blog and it will direct you to their site so you can browse through their products. My next step is to start experimenting in the kitchen with this protein powder and come up with new recipes!


There is still time to join the Whole30 group I started on Facebook! We start Tuesday, May 6, 2014!! I started this group as a way to share recipes, daily check-ins, experiences, and just a forum for whoever wants to participate!

What’s on your menu for next week?

What are your go-to breakfast foods?

Don’t forget to follow me!





(Make sure to follow me on Pinterest, during the Whole30 I will consistenly be updating my paleo/whole30 boards)


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12 Responses to Whole30 week 1: food prep and meal planning

  1. Thanks for the shoutouts to my recipe and for encouraging people to buy Well Fed. Really appreciate the support, and I’m very glad you like the recipes!

  2. Kimberly MORGANSTERN says:

    Thank you, Lindsey for the heads up on the shopping list! Just came back from Costco and it’s the last time I will be stuffing my face while shopping at the happiest place in my world (Costco)! I’m tried of working out so hard and wasting my time eating so wrong! I’m so ready to learn to eat better for a healthier lifestyle! Not that you need luck for tomorrow’s half marathon so be safe and have fun!

    • I know, I haven’t been doing that great in eating myself, that’s why I felt it was time for a whole30 and a nutritional reset! Thank you for the well wishes for tomorrow!

  3. sarahdudek80 says:

    Good luck in your race tomorrow! All of this looks delicious as always.

  4. Mary Chef says:

    Yeah, good luck! Is anybody using an app for meal planning? I’ve tried some and the one I’m currently trying is Chef Plan http://chefplanapp.com/. It is quite simple but stress free. I can add dish titles, assign tags and the app does all the rest. Any other suggestion?

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  6. Kristen says:

    Thanks so much for the shoutout! Hope you loved the dressing 🙂

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