I am a Mother.

happy mother's day cover photo

I am a mother.

I am a boogie wiper

I am a boo-boo kisser

I am a short-order cook.

I am a toy car holder.

I am a 24 hour on-call personal assistant.

I am his Mother.


I go by the name of Mom, Mommy, Ma, or hey you!

I have had every imaginable thing thrown at me.

I have never been so scared of a 27 lb toddler than when I am on the floor, with him leaning over me.

I have been pinched.

I have been bitten.

I have been pulled at.

I have been pushed on.

I have been thrown up on.

I have been peed on.

I have never loved someone more than I do, my son.

being a mom...


I asked other mom’s on my FB page to finish this sentence, “being a mom is___”, and here is what they said:


Being a mom is…

….exhaustingly wonderful. (Erica)

….so rewarding. (Lisa)

….the most amazing, challenging, taxing, joyous, surprising, mind-boggling, exhausting, and rewarding privilege I know. (Alicia)

….sweet and sour…I have good times and bad times. (Angela)

….Perfection in chaos. (Tonya)

….overrated. (Trena)

….endless. (Solveig)

….a lifetime job. (Ardie)

….a blessing. (Kim)

….the best thing that ever happened to me! Truly blessed! (Marlene)

….loving someone more than life itself. They are your heart, breath and everything you are. (Susan)


Moms are…

strong, determined, compassionate, loving, supportive, encouraging, confident……the list goes on and on.

A special Mother’s Day present

Yesterday, Zach and I had our first professional pictures taken together. They were taken by a Fit4Mom member who is also a photographer and offered her services to take pictures for all the mom’s and their kids. After class, our franchise owner had put together a really nice Mother’s Day celebration for all of the mom’s. We enjoyed fruit salad, egg & veggie frittatas, yogurt + granola parfait and some other yummy treats. There was also a craft, popsicle frame, for the kids to make for their mom’s and I ended up making it. Story of my life. I can’t blame Z, there was a playground about 20 feet from the table where the crafts were taking place and for a 2-year-old boy, the playground trumped the craft.

mommy and me 2014 pic 2 mommy and me 2014 pic

    {Thank you Kami so much for these photos!!}

This post is dedicated to all the mothers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers, and mother-figures out there. You are the hardest working people I know and have the toughest job out there. We deserve more than just a day, but we will take what we can get.

I can’t talk about Mother’s Day without thanking my own Mom for being the best Mom that a girl could ask for. She is a great role model. She has shaped me into the woman I am today. She has taught me how to be a great Mother to my own son. She has taught and shown me what unconditional love is. I love you Mom! Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother's Day!

circa 2008

Happy Mother’s Day!

Finish these sentences:

Being a mom is________________.

Moms are____________________.

How are you going to celebrate the Mother in your life on Sunday?

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20 Responses to I am a Mother.

  1. Heather says:

    Stopping by from SITS FB post. Love this post, and photos you posted!
    Being a Mother is: Magical, Hardwork + The Best Job I’ll Ever Have!
    Moms are: Courageous & Amazing!
    I am now a follower Twitter and FB too! Have a wonderful Mothers Day!

  2. foodandcrafts says:

    Being a mom is indescribable you need to experience it to fully understand it. Moms are superheroes 🙂

  3. Being a mom is “everything” have a great day!

  4. Moms are everyday super heroes 🙂 great post and pictures! So cute. Enjoy your day!

  5. sarahdudek80 says:

    This was very sweet and brought some tears to my eyes. Happy mother’s day!

  6. Elle says:

    Being a mom is a huge responsibility.

    Moms are selfless.

    How are you going to celebrate the Mother in your life on Sunday? I visited with my Mom for 2 hours with my daughters. Hubby made a nice dinner and now I am chilling out online. Going to read a bit of my book later on and then watch the season finale of Revenge. Relaxing the best that I can for today. Tomorrow, when the kids are at school & hubby is at work, Mothers Day will continue as I lay in a hammock in the 80+ degrees and read my book with a cool (non-alcoholic) drink.

  7. Beautiful post and such great photos of you two! Happy Mother’s Day!
    To me, moms are everything: role models, generous, thoughtful, always put others before themselves, right!, kind, an ear when you need one, the list could go on and on!

  8. Being a mom is a lifelong job, and for that, I’m grateful!

    I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day! We had a relaxing day which included a family run, and dinner out at one of our favorite restaurants.

  9. What a wonderful tribute on Mother’s Day. I really enjoyed reading it all. And as for finishing those sentences off, I liked all the ones already provided: being a mother is rewarding/endless/the best thing that ever happened to me.

  10. Moms are people of amazing love, compassion and strength knowing no boundaries.

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