WIAW#15: What I ate….on week 1 of my Whole30

I have officially completed week 1 of my Whole30! Yikes, rougher than I thought it would be. Now, I can’t say I have been 100% Whole30 compliant because I would be lying if I said I did. It is all about doing the best you can for your well-being and overall health. If the program is causing you too much stress because you feel it is too restrictive than the whole30 is not doing its intended purpose.

In this post I’ll take you through the first 7 days of my Whole30, what I ate, my mood and any other symptoms, etc.

I’m also linking up with Jenn @Peas and Crayons in her WIAW weekly series. Make sure to check out all the great bloggers and their current yummy eats they have been munching on.

WIAW#15 whole30 week 1 eats


My modifications:

  • small amounts of dairy: half and half (for coffee) and whole milk (limited to 2-3 cups a week)
  • running fuel: chews, gels, Nuun electrolyte tablets
  • Protein Powder*: post-workout protein shake

*I use Formulx protein powder. Click my affiliate link on my home page. Enter “fit4mom” at checkout to get 15% off entire order!

Food: week 1

WIAW #15 whole30 week 1 eats

 1. plantain tostada w/ cilantro lime chicken and ranchero sauce (ZenBelly)

2. Fried salmon patties (Well Fed or Nom Nom Paleo)

3. salami/turkey roll-ups + pickles (Bubbies) + sauerkraut (Bubbies) + black olives + Iced coffee w/ half and half

4. “Mother’s Day” dinner–>>>see this post for details

5. hamburger (sans bun) + crispy caveman fries (Pretty in Paleo)

6. salami/turkey roll up w/ sauerkraut and yellow mustard + Paleo deviled eggs

WIAW#15 whole30 week 1 eats

 7. mushroom/pepper/onion omelet + black olives + avocado

8. fruit salad!

9. fried eggs + roasted beets w/ fennel and red onion + avocado

10. pistachios and almonds

**this was not everything I ate in the last week, just a sneak peek of what I have been eating.


Day 1: I was fine in the morning, but by the time the afternoon came around and I couldn’t stuff a bowl of cereal into my mouth I started freaking out a little. I didn’t realize how dependent I became on that afternoon bowl of Z’s cereal. After I realized I couldn’t have my cereal I wasn’t in the best mood the rest of the day which just proves that I needed this Whole30.

Day 2-4: Still was a little grumpy when the afternoon and evening hit, when I normally would have my sweets and popcorn before bed. The problem with popcorn is it provides NO nutritional value to your diet. It is just empty calories.

Day 5-7: Started to feel almost back to my normal self except when we made a trip to Whole Foods on Day 6 and walked by the bakery section. Game over. I have no will-power when it comes to fresh-baked cupcakes.



Day 1: no headache. Felt a little sleepy in the afternoon. Low energy. Feel less bloated than normal.

Day 2-4: same as above.

Day 5-7: Energy started coming back. Tried to focus on keeping hydrated. Hoping face clears up since I have cut out most dairy. I notice when my face breaks out more than usual when dairy and processed sugar are included in my diet.

My confessions for week 1:

I know for those who are hard-core Whole30er’s you won’t want to read what I’m about to write so just skip over this section. I want my blog to be about honesty and I don’t want to pretend that I have been perfect through out this first week, so I’ll tell you that I had a couple of slip ups. Shh! Just keep this between us, ok? I had a cake pop from Starbucks, Iced vanilla latte and a cupcake. Okay, I feel better I got that out in the open. According to the Whole30 guidelines they suggest  re-starting the Whole30 when there is a slip up. If I were to re-start every time I had a minor slip-up than this would be the Whole365. I didn’t choose to do this to try to be as perfect as possible. I am doing this because my mindless snacking in the afternoon and evening were getting out of control. I am doing this because I want my body to be as healthy as can be. I am doing this for me.

Have you ever eaten plantains? How do you prepare them? I love them!


Check out these bloggers who are doing the Whole30:

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7 Responses to WIAW#15: What I ate….on week 1 of my Whole30

  1. Meghan says:

    I absolutely commend you for meal prepping the heck out of all your meals! The fact that all your meals (the ones you chose to show!) are so well planned is amazing! I get all high and mighty when I prep food once a week – looks like you’re doing it several times a week! AWESOME! Also, cake pops from Starbucks are legit hard to resist. I am doing my own form of a sugar detox and those suckers have been screaming at me from inside that glass showcase. They are evilly delicious. 🙂 GOOD job on the work you’ve been doing with it so far!! 🙂 I hate plantains… so no… hahaha!

    • Haha! I’m glad you are being honest about how you feel about plantains! The times we have had to go to Starbucks this past week is cuz of Z. I have to bribe him with a chocolate milk and cake pop from Starbucks, so we can leave the park without a scene 😩 somehow he understands that but when I tell him to pick up his toys he has no idea what I’m talking about 😕

  2. runsaltrun says:

    Congrats on week one! I would never be able to do this even with slip ups so you get major props from me. All that food looks beautiful and delicious. 🙂 As far as plantains are concerned: I can’t eat them. Banana family. I’m allergic. :-\

    • Thanks! Aww, that sucks you are allergic but I totally understand. I can eat bananas and melons but they can’t be under ripe or over ripe otherwise my lips and throat start to itch.

  3. lindsay says:

    I think that even attempting the whole 30 is amazing. And your whole 30 meals look so delicious and actually make me want to try it as well. My problem is that I don’t think I could survive without something sweet before bed. And I’m pretty sure a freshly baked cupcake is what would end for me as well.

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